Day 8: Someone who has made your life hell, or treated you like shite

Again, this is one of those posts where I am torn between thinking they did and then maybe they didn’t?

Of course the other issue is that like most things, other opportunities open up for you when your life gets fucked up.

For example, when my best mate D moved back to Melbourne unexpectedly after her grandmother died (and after a huge falling out we had) everything was fucked. However – I moved in with a friend and through various twists and turns I met my husband – that would possibly not have happened at all had my life not been hell after D left. So was it really all that bad looking back at it?

I am a firm believer of things happening for a reason – working here with my parents is causing me hell now…but they are not the ones making my life hell by themselves….so surely there is a purpose to it that I do not yet see?

I could talk about 4 people that I know have been in my life and something has made me feel like shite involving them, but then is that really fair? They were not wholly responsible for the situation we ended up in and really, looking back, I did not help any of those situations by being the person I was.

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