Day 1 – Something you hate about yourself

So day one here I come. There are not many things I hate about myself but there are so many things I dislike.

But in an effort to stay true to the actual question, the thing I hate about myself is my ability to deny reality.

I don’t mean that I see pink elephants or anythings, however I can make myself believe whatever I want and justify anything.

I shall provide some examples so you understand what I am going on about:

My weight – I lack motivation because I have fooled myself into believing I am not that overweight, or that I don’t eat that badly, or that I am too tired to exercise etc etc. they are all true to a degree and I could push through it if I could face the truth and not hide behind excuses.

I am unemployable because I have no qualifications on my resume, but I use a variety of other reasons why I am not getting jobs. Looks, weight, experience, etc anything really.

I have no direction in my life which I convinced myself, is everyone’s fault.

I hope that makes sense and now that is out in the open I feel really embarrassed about admitting that publicly!


5 thoughts on “Day 1 – Something you hate about yourself

  1. But you are clearly aware of the propensity to deny reality and see it for what it is. So I would say you have a good grasp of reality because few people recognize inconsistencies in their own thinking. You do and are therefore empowered.

  2. Team Oyeniyi says:

    I agree with Carl – very well said.

  3. WordPress is blocked by default at work, so I often think, “I’ll comment when I get home”, and then forget. I do read them nearly all of these posts, even if I don’t usually have anything to say.

    But now that I’ve remembered for once – Well Done. I don’t think it’s that uncommon.

    • dragonray says:

      I have the perfect solution, if you subscribe, I am pretty sure you can reply from the email you receive? Or is that not the case anymore? I am glad you feel inclined to comment though 🙂

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