More Surgery

So I had my monthly check up with the ear surgeons yesterday, and isn’t it amazing, I have to have another ear operation as my ear hasn’t healed as well as expected.

After my last operation, everything seemed ok, until 2 months later when I was going for my (then) final check up.  They discovered a web like tissue growing over my ear canal.  Not life threatening no, but behind the webbing the could see something on my ear drum.

This something is called a pearl and is like a pimple or little cyst almost…but they can’t see it clearly because of the webbing.  So guess what they want to do to my ear.

Cut back my ear canal to the bone, pack it with stuff, and then let the skin grow back without the webbing…they hope.  I will need general, not an overnight stay though, and I will need to visit the dr weekly for check ups on my ear.  I should be able to be back at work after 2 days and the surgery only takes 30 minutes.

Not happy about this surgery at all.  I would just like to spend one year without having surgery of any kind!  ONE YEAR!


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