Was trolling and have decided sites like that are almost good but not quite.

While I like the idea of having people offer constructive feedback I am not sure it is possible when you have to upload such small MB size and that everyone is different in ideals, moods etc.

I saw a photo which I thought was very uplifting and someone critiqued it as a sad shot…from that alone – it has made me realise there is no right or wrong way – yes there is more conventional shots or expected imagery, but overall you have to make it express something stunning.

Here is the shot –

Now granted it is a dark and morose shot but that doesn’t convey a sad thing to me, she is stretching her hand out to reach for something greater….well that’s how I saw it originally.

Another example is the shot that I uploaded –

I can see how he would consider it drab and boring in the grassy section, however at that size image the whole thing looks horrid – however it is currently my desktop background and the grass, with the fence and rocks on the beach is the bit I like as it is interesting as gives you a lot to look at….However I think you have to be seeing it the same size as I am for it to show the full effect….

How on earth you are supposed to meld all these things into something and get an awesome picture I don’t know yet….

My most popular pictures on deviantart etc are the ones I am most “meh” about….