The boat trip was beyond horrific!!! It was so rough it made hubby quite ill. The cabin we had was so damn hot -I swear the aircon was not working!

Due to the heat in the room I started feeling ill as well 🙂 I put some music on and we eventually got some sleep…..I hope to the goddess it is calmer on the way home!

We stopped launceston for coffee and break from the devonport drive. Then we continued to Campbell town and rummaged around in a few stores – we bought an absolutely gorgeous wall plaque… It’s like the green man but elvish…I will have to photograph it so I can post!!

Continued on from there to Swansea to our gorgeous chalets right on the waterfront!!


We headed into town for some lunch and by chance met a guy who is also heading to the same conference as us 🙂 had a chat to him for a while then headed back to our private beach for a walk and photography session!

Oh, we also bought some sea sickness drugs!!!! Wooot!

Hubby is now having a bath and I am trying not to have a nana nap!!!

One thought on “Tassie

  1. Team Oyeniyi says:

    Glad you arrived safely, if somewhat unwell. Haven’t called as I didn’t know when you’d be free! Sorry about the seasickness and the heat!

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