Why does it all happen at once…

and why do we not plan things better….WHYYYYY!!!

So in the last month and in the next month – this is our financial conundrum…

We are going to Tassie to see friends and attend a conference – paid for 2 tickets on the Spirit of Tassie and tickets to the conference.

We also have to get 2 nights accomodation on either side of the conference due to the ferry.

We also have to find petrol to drive from Devonport to where ever this conference is…exact location unknown as we are waiting for our information packs to arrive.

We would have had to hire  car if we flew because of where the conference is, therefore taking the ferry was almost the same price – yes we are snobs and only like flying qantas….

2 x rego’s due – one is already over due by a week (possibly 2) and one is due next week at $600 a pop.

I also have to pay the phone bill, water and electricity bills before we go to Tassie…:D

So yes…I wish we had planned a little better so that it wasn’t all in one hit…you know…paid the conference tickets 3 months ago, booked ferry 2 months ago etc etc!!

Just my little stress at the moment…we will survive – we always do…but it just sits at the back of my mind….



4 thoughts on “Why does it all happen at once…

  1. sionnanmaree says:

    That’d really piss me off re: not knowing the actual location of the conference before booking. I mean, if you’re making a genuine enquiry, then why *not* reveal the location?

    I prefer to fly Qantas too.

    I do hope you enjoy the conference! The workshop list seems a bit thin on the ground this year :-/

    Are you still going to sell the other car?

    • dragonray says:

      Well I know what the nearest town is but they have advised it isn’t really close close….so it would be nice to have a car if we need to head into a shop for anything.

      I am glad I am not alone with the whole qantas thing 🙂

      We are planning on selling it still, but just haven’t gotten round to getting our bike licenses yet…we really need 2 cars because hubby goes out so much 🙂 that or I need a bike so I can get home the nights he goes out!

  2. Team Oyeniyi says:

    And I owe you money – I am sorry! Sounds like you need it……..

    • dragonray says:

      Yeah it has been a little tight 🙂 but I figure you will pay be back when your able, you are not the type to forget and I feel bad asking because I know how tight money is for you at the moment as well.

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