Bah humbug

I haven’t really been writing much lately, because I just seem to have nothing worthwhile to say 🙂 The only really noteworthy thing that has happened is the bank stuffed up and sent our renewal visa debit card to our old address, someone nicked it out of the mailbox and then proceeded to use it:

I have removed the visa number from the image for obvious reasons, however this was the sire i logged into when I checked my bank account Friday morning at about 7am to pay some bills.

There is some money already credited back – and I can only assume there is a glitch with the system somewhere, but I will continue to monitor the situation. He was caught by the police red handed as it were as he was wanted over some other crimes regarding computers or something. Anyway, I am wanting to take this further though and I would like to see him punished to the full extent of the law….we shall wait and see what the police and bank send us first before we do anything.

Other than that not much in all honesty, has been going on. I have started the job hunt again and am heading to agencies interviews with people who never call back, it is very frustrating.

We went to the rugby last night, we lost, but both Hubby and I managed to get some awesome shots, need to pull them off the camera tomorrow and have a squizz, I will also pull out the images for my mum which have been on there for a few months now….Anyway Dragons lost…but it was a very tight game and the only reason they won was because the 2 extra points were a “penalty” – the whole game was debatable though – the referees were pretty biased the entire game…I am not one to blame the refs, but when the coach is going off his head because they made an error and they are then not penalised for it…it gets a little frustrating….

I have lost all motivation to exercise. I just feel as though I am sinking further and further into the black hole of despair. I think perhaps I need to get a personal trainer once a week who will hold me accountable for my actions. Pending discussion on that.

Not much else really to talk about, I have been feeling so calm lately perhaps that helps, I tend to use this as a venting ground and I no longer have those feelings, so it is kind of weird. Excluding tis week, I have been a little PMTish, I have been very calm and level headed, not stressed and certainly not angry at anything. It was the 1st July that I made the change and since then I have not lost my temper, or exploded. I got nary a couple of days ago and I just couldn’t get a grip, but then I got my period and I was like “Oh, that’s what PMT feels like” and yes, it is truly horrible….I was so used to feeling like that all the time I didn’t really see the difference; but thankfully now I can. So I reigned in the emotions and got it under control again. I am very proud of myself for that. I think in the last 2 months I have become a different person and I really wish my body reflected that – in the hopes that potential employers would see past my weight.

I am also going to try and order some clothes online – suits etc, so that when I go to interviews I can be better attired….Australia does not seem to have a market for larger women in suits – and I am an old fashioned kind of girl 🙂

I have done basically no photography in the last couple of weeks – we have just been so focused on other things 😀 I am insanely jealous of my friend in Sydney who has been posting me some of her recent photos and they are (as usual) above exceptional. She manages to capture such beauty in the people she photographs…I am really hoping to see more of the photos she took…but will have to just wait for the dribs and drabs….the suspense will probably kill me! I am hoping one day I can take portraits as good as her.

So there you have it..a pretty decent update and I am honestly not sure how often I will be updating but rest assured I will be around 🙂

I do hope everyone is well 😀

5 thoughts on “Bah humbug

  1. sionnanmaree says:

    Re: Photography
    noooo please don’t feel *jealous* it was my *very* first studio shoot and I was definitely a clumsy amateur in comarison to the man I was working with!!! Even in comparison to my workmate who understands light much better than I do. It wasn’t without alot of lighting help and I didn’t set up any of the lighting on my own :-/

    I have decided that I need to upgrade my camera to be able to do my own off-camera flash photography and I want to do more and more portrait stuff. I’m going to stick to crop sensor format as well (instead of full format/large sensor) as I’m not going to turn Pro anytime soon, but I do want to use my flash off-camera, as it really does give you alot of freedom.

    Re: Anger stuff
    Well done on your improvements in managing your mood, that’s seriously awesome and it’s good to feel that sense of self achievement!

    Give the PT thing a go, but keep in mind it may take time to find someone you like and get along with. I’ve tried alot of boxing instructors and I’m hopeless without Hays.

    Did you have another weight-loss blog?

  2. sionnanmaree says:

    And bummer abt the visa card! How freakin annoying!

  3. Team Oyeniyi says:

    We are well. Looked at cars yesterday. That damn Carnival is BIG!!!!

    • dragonray says:

      I am glad you guys are doing well 🙂 we have to visit soon!

      Yeah the carnival is massive 🙂 we had one at work last week….too big perhaps? There isn’t really a small to medium size option though 🙂

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