Not much going on

The only real excitement I can report is that I have started the second PCOS challenge after not doing anything in the previous one.  You can check out my exercise and tracking in my other blog, which there is a link for at the top of the page.  I have some rumba now, so will be trying to get the hang of that and I must clean out my workout room – it is a massive mess!!!

My bosses have gone to QLD for the week to relax and unwind, so the shop is dead and a little dull in all honesty – but that is what happens in a small business I guess.  I have just been booking in cars for the next couple of weeks and Deb has been doing invoicing and quoting what she can.

I did book tickets to go to AWC today – hubby and I have been tossing it up for over 3 months and decided to just do it….We are going to catch the ferry across and we will need to find accommodation on the Thursday night and then the Sunday night….but at worst case we can find a caravan park or something – I will need to do that soon though as I don’t want to be sleeping in the VW for the night 🙂  Hubby hasn’t been on the boat, so that will be exciting for him…we have a cabin for just the two of us, so it will be good to have a place to just chill out in.  No idea what the night sailing will be like…could be awfully dull….There are also a couple of other people catching the boat from Sydney, but not sure – if that means they are on a different boat right??

Other than that nothing much else has been going on…we are just busy all the time with things and places and is kind of nice, but sometimes just really tiring….I think I may sneak off to bed very shortly and just crash….



One thought on “Not much going on

  1. Team Oyeniyi says:

    Take sea-sickness pills!

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