Why does it all happen at once…

and why do we not plan things better….WHYYYYY!!!

So in the last month and in the next month – this is our financial conundrum…

We are going to Tassie to see friends and attend a conference – paid for 2 tickets on the Spirit of Tassie and tickets to the conference.

We also have to get 2 nights accomodation on either side of the conference due to the ferry.

We also have to find petrol to drive from Devonport to where ever this conference is…exact location unknown as we are waiting for our information packs to arrive.

We would have had to hire  car if we flew because of where the conference is, therefore taking the ferry was almost the same price – yes we are snobs and only like flying qantas….

2 x rego’s due – one is already over due by a week (possibly 2) and one is due next week at $600 a pop.

I also have to pay the phone bill, water and electricity bills before we go to Tassie…:D

So yes…I wish we had planned a little better so that it wasn’t all in one hit…you know…paid the conference tickets 3 months ago, booked ferry 2 months ago etc etc!!

Just my little stress at the moment…we will survive – we always do…but it just sits at the back of my mind….


Bah humbug

I haven’t really been writing much lately, because I just seem to have nothing worthwhile to say 🙂 The only really noteworthy thing that has happened is the bank stuffed up and sent our renewal visa debit card to our old address, someone nicked it out of the mailbox and then proceeded to use it:

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Things we learn from children

My mum linked to a warm and fuzzy blogpost about life and what we learn from our kids – The original blog post is lovely and I am sure has many parents smiling and nodding in agreement 🙂

This is my realistic view of the 10 things you learn 🙂 please bear in mind I am not a parent nor do I have solid plans to be one and discover all the highs and lows! But I did help my step mum with by younger siblings so I am not completely oblivious 🙂

1: gag reflex – you know that 50% of the time when you open that nappy, the contents will make you revisit your last 8 lunches!

2: sleep deprivation – because you can’t get the parasite to sleep!

3: creativity -discovering ways to cover corners, keep doors closed, protect power points and generally ensure they can’t, somehow, injure themselves.

4: slobber – because everything has to shoved into their mouth and covered in sticky slobber!

5: vomit – because burping babies are so much fun when they bring it all back up for you to see.

6: homicidal tendencies – there is nothing more soothing than a child having a tantrum – anywhere!

7: painter- the only paint you want on the walls is the stuff that wipes texta, pencil, crayon etc off with a clean cloth and some soapy water.

8: grim reaper – the constant fear that your baby isn’t breathing! That’s a fun past time!!

9: disease control – sending your child off to actually catch horrible diseases like chicken pox, measles and mumps…what kind of evil person are you??? – wanting them to be sick!!!

10: fear – knowing something is awfuly fucking wrong when complete silence reigns in the house. The sense of blood curling fear that your children a making a sandbox on the kitchen floor of all sugary and powdery substances in the cupboards that you did not secure as per point 3!!

Negative Self talk

So, it has been 2 months since I got a handle on my anger…I have to push people to tell me if they have noticed a difference, however they are saying there is, so I guess that is a good thing.  Not sure why I was expecting people to just offer me support and congratulations on getting it under control…thinking about it – it probably isn’t something you would say to friends??  *shrugs* No idea…just feels a little like no one has noticed the effort I am making for myself and for others in my life.

The above paragraph is essentially the focus of my next issue – negative self talk….Hubby asked me why I always say negative things about myself and I know why I do it, but he was not impressed when I tried to explain it, so i just got upset and cried.

I would say 85% of the stuff that comes out of my mouth is immediately shot down as being incorrect, stupid, and just plain dull.  My opinions on an issue – are still my opinions…whether you agree with me or not – but there is no need to shoot me down because you experienced something different or see it differently.

If i don’t know about a topic – I shut my mouth – ask me about politics or football and I will stare at you blankly like you just came from an alien space shuttle….I have no idea…If I have any experience with/about/from something I will try and contribute to the discussions.

Yes I have been known to be very cynical, and I do try and make fun of everything, I also like to make people laugh and see a different side of things.  I don’t engage in conversations about the exact same topic weekly – sorry I have nothing to add after the first 8 times we discussed it….politics, education, drivers, the stolen children, etc etc….I really don’t care what Julia Gillard did or didn’t do – you’re pretty lucky I even know who she is…and talking about her every time we see each other doesn’t really give me anything to talk to you about.

So from what I have been thinking about since the conversation with my husband is this:

  1. I have too many friends who consider themselves intellectuals, however are only able to converse about 3 topics repeatedly.
  2. I don’t have enough friends who actually want to just talk shit and joke around and laugh about life, fats and sex…
  3. I need to find more friends with interests that more closely align with me so I can share with them.
  4. I need something in my life that I can do (hubby has multiple things he does outside of our relationship – I have nothing).

I also somehow need to deal with the fact that anything I say is considered crap or not important…I need to remind myself of all the positive things I have done and said that have helped not only myself, but others.

This will be my next challenge to have faith in my abilities, knowledge and depth.


Not much going on

The only real excitement I can report is that I have started the second PCOS challenge after not doing anything in the previous one.  You can check out my exercise and tracking in my other blog, which there is a link for at the top of the page.  I have some rumba now, so will be trying to get the hang of that and I must clean out my workout room – it is a massive mess!!!

My bosses have gone to QLD for the week to relax and unwind, so the shop is dead and a little dull in all honesty – but that is what happens in a small business I guess.  I have just been booking in cars for the next couple of weeks and Deb has been doing invoicing and quoting what she can.

I did book tickets to go to AWC today – hubby and I have been tossing it up for over 3 months and decided to just do it….We are going to catch the ferry across and we will need to find accommodation on the Thursday night and then the Sunday night….but at worst case we can find a caravan park or something – I will need to do that soon though as I don’t want to be sleeping in the VW for the night 🙂  Hubby hasn’t been on the boat, so that will be exciting for him…we have a cabin for just the two of us, so it will be good to have a place to just chill out in.  No idea what the night sailing will be like…could be awfully dull….There are also a couple of other people catching the boat from Sydney, but not sure – if that means they are on a different boat right??

Other than that nothing much else has been going on…we are just busy all the time with things and places and people..it is kind of nice, but sometimes just really tiring….I think I may sneak off to bed very shortly and just crash….



Someone get me in the time machine – i lost my weekend??

WOW!  It just disappears so quickly!!

I had a huge weekend and I am sooo tired now…I feel like I need a holiday 🙂

So my mum was going to drag the entire brood up to my place for a lunch/afternoon thing and I was pretty excited to be hosting..however I didn’t get to make anything overly exciting as I knew the kids were having issues adjusting to the aussie food.  IN the end a BBQ with some salads was the most non offensive food I could figure 🙂

We learnt some things, the kids liked my coleslaw; also avocado’s and cucumbers.  So mum has a few more things she can serve them without too much fear of being shot down!

The short version of them finally eating though – my mother waited over 4 hours for the hire car she was supposed to pick up at 9.00am.

We had a plan they would get to our place by about 11am, then would stay until about 4sih; i figured anyway – I had advised mum that hubby had organised a dinner thing for us and we had gotten our wires cross as sometimes happens – however I knew mum didn’t like driving at night especially in a forgein car so I figured the timing would be fine….of course nothing does go to plan…they didn’t get to our place until nearly 2.45pm…ouch…so we stuffed them full of food and then booted them out at 5.30!!  LOL

I do feel slightly guilty about that, but under the circumstances it was all I could do.

The kids are terrified of my animals, they eventually managed a pat or two…that will certainly have to be corrected if I am ever going to babysit them for my parents…HAHHAHAAH  maybe!!  Don’t get your hopes up mum!

Anyway, the family left, hubby and I stuffed everything into a bag ad then left the house as well – probably before my parents had reached the freeway 😀  We then had an absolutely awesome evening and at about 9.30 I just crashed and had to be taken home to go to bed!

One of our friends, currently living in Warnambool, came round at about 10.00 and crashed at our place so she didn’t have to drive home again.  It was so nice to catch up with her as we just don’t see her enough.

Then Sunday morning we had a massive breakfast with our friend and it was 1pm before she left and before we even noticed that it was that time.  We spend so much tme chatting that it just gets later and later 😀

of course once she pottered off home, I had to do some housework…YUCK!!!  I am seriously thinking about the maid idea 😀 I really am!!  I am also seriously considering buying a dishwasher as well after the dishes on Saturday 😀

All in all I am bushed but in a very nice way, spent lovely weekend with both family and friends – what else can you ask for?