Unhappy and desperate

I am completely over it at the moment. My fairy god mother never turned up to tell me exactly what I should be doing in my life and so here I am again; confused, annoyed and just bored.

Every other aspects of my life is perfect, hubby, home, friends, faith….yet the one thing that still eludes me is what I should make a career out of.

Here is a list of some of the professions over the years I have thought I wanted to do:

Business owner
Curator -art
System admin
Pastry/cake chef
Photographer – yeah right!

And this is by no means complete…..I am just not interested in one thing….maybe acting is the way to go because I can be everything at some point? Lol

I have now confirmed a few things – doing a degree requires more time than I have available, distance Ed even more so and requires motivation that is not existent, I don’t like doing essays and reports and reading pages of bullshit that apparently makes them legit simply because they were printed – doesn’t mean their opinions are not biased!!!, I prefer actually doing something creatively and being marked on that – like my website, I don’t want to be a low level admin person for the rest of my life but I don’t know where to start!!!!!

I am so deflated and saddened about it….why could I not make a decision??

3 thoughts on “Unhappy and desperate

  1. Team Oyeniyi says:

    Oh dear! You are in a spot of bother. Feel free to call me if you like – I’m home with the dreaded lurgy. But you’ll have to get me before the pills kick in and send me back to sleep!

  2. First we need to impose some self discipline. Unless independently wealthy people HAVE to go to work. We must do this whether we enjoy it or not. This builds character. There will be unpleasantries whatever we do and we can’t jump on or off the bus, so to speak at will. This acceptance is step one, where you start. Do something. Now. This is not to suggest we stay trapped forever. Then we move to the next level – finding something we like. I think we have to grow up too. In Miami the real unemployment rate is 20% and you take ANYTHING. The luxury of choice does not exist. Some volunteer work may be a good experience too. That can open a lot of doors. My own opinion is to choose a career that involves service to others. I spent 33 years inner city, violent, drug infested, dysfunctional family, poverty ridden areas in Miami. High school history. Sometimes pretty rough and downright horrible and other times delightful and joyous. It was a life well spent.

  3. dragonray says:

    Thanks for the comments guys 🙂 I really shouldn’t whinge quite so much 😀

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