New bed and new me

We have now been sleeping on our bed for almost a week and my back is almost, almost not sore..there is still a slight twinge but it is nothing compared to what it used to be.  It took about 3 days for the pain to finally stop – after the first night there was a noticeable difference. So I am feeling so much better!!  My biggest issue with the bed is how high from the ground we are sleeping, at a guess it is almost triple the height of our old bed and I have to almost climb into it every night….I love it…except for nights like last night where hubby kept snuggling closer to me and at some point I was about to fall out….it’s a big drop…So comfy though…omg so comfy…new bed is super…love it – it’s probably my best buy of 2011….

We went and saw Harry Potter on Thursday night, the cinema was packed and we had to sit in the second row from the front – it made the movie blurry, but overall i was quite impressed with the effort.  They did the Snape thing very well ( I was worried they would stuff it up) they also did the ending superbly and better than I thought they would.  I started crying at about halfway, and I can’t remember what set me off, but from then, all I did was cry for the last hour…literally i just had tears pouring down my face….it wasn’t overly sad and there was some happy stuff in there, I just couldn’t stop the tears…stupid really, but I am/have been/always will be a movie crier…don’t let me watch the latest Star trek movie – I bawl for the first 20 minutes….or battlestar galactica…OMG the pain and tears with that….anyway…HP7 – was excellent.  I was so impressed – I am going to start reading the books again now just to relive it….

I wanted to also mention something about my temper on here in reference to a post I made a while ago I think this was it and I am now dealing with the anger.  Those that know me, know i am a pagan and have a faith other than what is considered mainstream, I basically re-connected to my faith and allowed myself to feel something I had not felt in a long time…since then, I have not felt the simmering anger, and indeed have not exploded at all, I have been calm and in control.  I asked hubby about any changes in my temper and he said it had been less, so I am certainly making progress.  Being PMTing as well and still being able to maintain some semblance was a test, there was one day where I know I was vey irritable and having a tough time keeping it under control, however I didn’t let it get the better of me, but I did just soldier on through it and ignored what would have been the angry reactions to things.  In essence, I am slowly gaining control, I am not expecting this to be a short process, but if I can continue in this fashion I strongly believe all will be well 😀  I think the biggest factor to that is I am not feeling the anger, it is like I have just let it wash away.  I love that feeling…I just feel …I don’t know what I feel….I don’t really remember being without the anger and so I don’t know how to describe it…

Anyway, I have no idea what our plans are for the day, but I definitely need to clean the kitchen and then do some more washing – I almost finished it all last week…so will get that done today….just need a touch up on the vacuuming as well, then housework done…If I stopped typing and started doing it would probably be done by now…but that means I have to stop blogging long enough…I also MUST do some study this weekend, I haven’t done any for 2 weeks now and I have an assignment due in 2 weeks and I need to catch up on everything….GAHHHH!!  Big study week this week…..

I also have to fit in some exercise today, I went out last night to find a dress to wear to a formal dinner hubby and I were going to attend – possibility – and after such a disheartening night, I want to lose weight….I HAVE TO….I am soooo depressed about it in all honesty….I was hoping tat Myer or DJ would have some nice dressed in the plus size sections and well they didn’t have anything…I couldn’t even find a plan black skirt at MYER…DJ had 2 different styles (one i ended up buying).  But absolutely NO SERVICE at either store.  I walked around MYER For about 25 minutes, back and forth past the service registers about 4 times with people just standing there and not one of them asked if i needed help.  I was really put out by that to be honest….The same at DJ’s.  Anyway, I found ONE skirt that I am going to match with a top I have at home, but in the end I was so depressed about it – the entire car ride home I was just thinking about having to lose weight.

The next PCOS weight loss challenge starts on August 1st…I will be entering that and actually doing the challenge this time.  The last 3 months, I had surgery, chest infection and a general lack of motivation, but the next three months I want to lose something….I am sick of not being able to buy clothes and people looking at me because of my size.  I am going to lose weight and I am going to be able to wear bathers when I go to Hawaii next year..(I didn’t say comfortably wear them – just wear them at least) and I am going to do it!!

ok, I have to go….


2 thoughts on “New bed and new me

  1. Team Oyeniyi says:

    Damn – I want a new bed now!

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