Movies so many movies…

Since Mr A bought me Apple TV for my birthday, hubby and I have gone a little insane.  Don’t get me wrong, it is awesome, but damn easy to spend money.

You can rent movies from the apple store and the quality is HD and the price is about the same as hiring from the video store.  We are renting movies which fall between 3.99 and 6.99 (the highest I am pretty sure).  These are old movis, new movies and everything in between.

The list is massive of things we have watched, however not every movie is on the store, we are still downloading those separately and converting to Itunes format 😀

Here is a list of movies we have watched recently 😀  The rentals are for 48 hours once you hit play, but I am not the type to re-watch a film within 24 hours of seeing it.  But has definitely given me a list of movies I need to buy on dvd now.


Red Riding Hood – Thriller – AWESOME!

Burlesque – Chick flick – I loved it, but many others probably wouldn’t – i do love Cher and Aguilera though….

40 year old Virgin – Comedy – Not HA HA HA funny, but was decent enough 😀

Unknown – Thriller – Liam Neeson – nothing else to be said…very cool movie

No strings attached – Comedy – Pretty funny, seems to drag just a little bit towards the end, but can be forgiven.

The Tourist – Jolie and Depp…yep pointless movie, but enjoyable to watch with two great actors. No brain power required really.

You Again – Chick Flick – Weaver and Curtis make for some great comedy moments, quite enjoyable 😀

Megamind – Comedy  cartoon-  Superb – very funny.

Tangled – Comedy cartoon – also very enjoyable.

Dylan Dog – Graphic novel – pretty funny actually, if you’re into GN well worth a look. No brain power required.

State of Play – Thriller – pretty good movie, i was getting ready for boredom and was pleasantly surprised. Not all that much brain power required.

Scott Pilgrim Vs the World – comedy – hilarious.  I was laughing most of the way through this.  If you are not a geek, you may not get all the references to the console games, but pretty funny if you do.

Unstoppable – Thriller – another one I thought was going to be crap, and i admit i fell asleep just at the end (10 minutes to go) but it ended up being far better than I thought. No brain power required.

The King’s Speech – Drama? – Yet another one I was not overly keen on seeing, but I can see why he won an Oscar for it.  Very enjoyable movie and far funnier than anticipated.  Very happy to have seen it.

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