Busy weekend :)

So my weekend is going to consist of cooking and cooking and then just for something different, cooking  😀

I am going to make Tiramasu today and I have to get the coffee right….I need to really soak the cake in the coffee mixture, but I really don’t know how to do that without it all just crumbling….Hubby wants the cake to be really soft and coffee covered and each time I have made it, the coffee doesn’t soak down into the cake enough…so it can end up a little dry and, well, cake like…

I have some friends coming round for dinner, so also need to cook soemthing for them…no idea what yet, I will start going through recipes shortly to find something suitably yummy 🙂

Then tomorrow I am having more friends around (perhaps – not yet confirmed) and I have to think of something else to make…but also if I should make a desert or if there will be enough Tiramsu left over ( I don’t think so)..so perhaps I make a black forest cake…YUMMO!!

SO I have to go to the supermarket shortly (once recipes are decided upon) and get everything sorted out.  hey also have to be cheap meals..HAHAH  Not too many requirements…You know I could always do a staple like lasagne..mmmmmmm  lasagne….

Bye bye!!

2 thoughts on “Busy weekend :)

  1. try coffee flavored ice cream and let that melt into the cake and sprinkle couple tablespoons instant coffee granules over that to be served cold

  2. Team Oyeniyi says:

    No wonder we never see you!

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