Have a unnamed chest infection :/

Doc has put me on some druggies which need to be taken on an empty stomach…gave me a stern staring at when i said I had been feeling this way all week…you know the one… “Why didn’t you get here sooner” look…oops….

I also went to the Post office today to pick up a passport application form.  Going to send that in a few days, to get me a new identity 😀  Asked at the chemist if I could get passport photos done there and they advised they don’t do them anymore because the post office was so strict on them, they do them now.

So will fill out the form, get all the paperwork together and head back down there – maybe today – not sure…..will see if I feel up to it…I did just remember that I forgot to get me some more cough mixture…(or as I like to call it – TORTURE).  I hate the stuff hubby is making me take, but it works…I think he just likes seeing me squirm!!  Senegar and ammonia or something….oh god it makes me want to hurl just thinking about it 🙂  Anyway, have to go back down the street and get some asap, I am sick of coughing to be honest.  grumble grumble grumble.

Onto other things though, finally managed to corner the man and find out about our goals etc…..let’s just say he doesn’t think like I do, we may both me taurean and want stability, but I think he is more like a air sign, just blowing in the breeze…I wonder what his rising is…anyway…sorry off track….basically he has given me full blown decision making authority regarding us saving money and doing the things we want.  Essentially he doesn’t think more than a few months (maybe) ahead – and I can understand why given the circumstances of his upbringing and not thinking he would ever be in a position to have a future he needed to be thinking of.

So we do want the same things, but we have just been living month to month basically and now I know why we can start to change that.  We both are to blame for that and I am not upset about it, just aware now of what has to change.  So whilst we do want the same things I am going to have to be the one that pushes it and changes the current state.

I am not one of these people that wants to save money just to have money, I certainly don’t want to die with money stashed away like some savings junkie, but I would like to be able to save money, spend it on whatever I was saving it for then start again.  Ultimately my plan is to have a term deposit just clocking over with funds separate to the actual savings….that’s in about 8 years – ultimate goal..yeah baby, that way once we retire we do have a constant income stream almost – if we have managed to build the term deposit up enough 🙂

For the interim, I get to put money aside each fortnight and then just tell hubby how much we have leftover for spending….easy done 🙂 Love it…then once we have enough for whatever the goal is we organise it.  For example, last night I was trying to convince the hubby we should go away early next year – Jan – Mar for a quick 8 day holiday, you know somewhere nice and relaxed like Hawaii…the airfares to get there are so cheap and hotels really aren’t that badly priced – We could do it for about $6000 in total and I don’t think that is horrific, shame neither of us actually qualify as students though…then we could get even cheaper deals.  maybe I could get it cheaper, but like i said I was only looking very quickly whilst waiting for my uni sites to load etc…

The issue with going overseas is still that I have to lose weight before I want to even consider it.  I want to be able to go hiking, sit in an aeroplane, feel comfortable doing the beach thing etc.  Just as an example there is a dormant volcano on one of the islands – maui maybe??  is that right?  anyway you get to hike up there and then ride a bike back down, and I want to be able to do that.  I am not saying I have to be perfect weight range, but I do want to know I am capable of doing that – and currently there is no way!

Yeah even though I am studying a full time load, I am not considered a student as I am not attending a university and I don’t get a student card from an actual uni.  It’s stupid and I think should be re-evaluated by whichever powers determine that, but honestly it is sometimes just not worth fighting 😀

Anyway I am going to try and locate my paperwork and fill out my passport form.  Chat to you all later.




3 thoughts on “Have a unnamed chest infection :/

  1. minxi says:

    Movement on the travel issue – woot! This is great news 😀

    I’m really excited for you and glad that you’ve had a chat that’ll help you both move in a direction of where you want to go. That’s really positive and sounds like a good outcome for you.

    Is there anything you can do, say locally on a weekend, that might simulate hiking up a volcano? Maybe give it a go and see what your fitness levels are like now? And then do it again in a few weeks time and improve? Might be fun?

    • dragonray says:

      Yeah am just a little excited 🙂 He wasn’t too keen about chatting at first, but I managed to get him to spill his guts 😀

      Honestly, once I am over this chest infection I am just going to be pushing myself on the bike and in my workout room, I don’t doubt by next year I will be in much better physical shape. I have about 10 months really as we just hit July, so if I say lose at worst case 1 kg every 2 weeks, that’s at least 20 kg I will have lost but gained all the extra fitness as well to go with that 😀

      I really want to be doing some exercise now, and have been for a couple of days, but as I can barely breathe I am figuring it would be a bad idea…lol

  2. I had to wait in that long line of people that cannot put their name in the right place just to get a form. You would think they would have basic papers available on a shelf to just pick up. I gave up. Miami is not America anyway so I don’t need to go the foreign countries-they are here.

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