Home coughing but keeping occupied :)

I have a nasty cough which has kept me home today – again!! I am feeling very phlegmy and I blame someone….no idea who, but someone did this to me!!

I went out this morning and bought some more cough Medicine and now I am just chilling out and trying to drink water ( hubby is likely to get cross with me if I haven’t drunk at least 2 liters today) grumble grumble grumble 🙂

I also bought some double sided sticky tape to actually catch up on my keepsake book. It has been weighing in my mind since Sydney, Mitchell and I had a discussion about it and I don’t think he really believed I kept everything in a book, so here is my proof 🙂 I certainly would have no problems proving hubby and I have had a relationship 🙂





I have now completed by book, everything is in there 🙂  YAY!





2 thoughts on “Home coughing but keeping occupied :)

  1. I wish I had saved many things like this from over the years. After a while it all becomes just so much clutter and to the trash it must go. Then I see a post like this. I wish I had saved many things like this from over the years.

  2. Team Oyeniyi says:

    YOU will never have to prove it! And DIAC have most of our proof! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr

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