Driving to Sydney!!!!!


We have arrived in the town I grew up in….SYDNEY!!!!! Yes I have missed you and I am so glad we finally arrived. Yass was he’ll on earth and caused us to lose just over an hour, mental note to self – stop at goulburn or the Tucker box next time….avoid yass!!!

We stuck the Tom Tom on and darth guided us to the wonderfully awesome kogarah footy field. We caught up with an old friend and her partner for dinner which was beautiful!! She looks so happy and vibrant. I am so very happy for her.

The game was awesome, freezing cold on the hill, but I enjoyed myself immensely. I scored a new jumper out of it, which I plan to wear everyday for the next three years! Bought hubby a rain coat as well which he has been wanting for a while. Dragons gear of course!!

Sadly the dragons ruined their 10 game winning streak and we lost the game. Thankfully hubby and I left the game midway through he last half as we did. Not want to get stuck amidst the traffic leaving the oval….gridlock after driving from Melbourne was not something we were willing to deal with.

We then headed to our friends place, she had offered her place even if she was not home for the weekend. I cannot express how grateful we were for the offer and we are going to have to find her a lovely gift as repayment.

Anyway she has a very nice place!! I want it 🙂 Hubby and I were staying in the kids room and basically lasted long enough to get the beds sorted before we crashed. Prety sure we didn’t even bring the suitcase inside. I just slept in my clothes I was that wrecked!!

All in all I am glad we made it. Photos will be incoming later, however I am typing these up on the iPad and I can’t get images from my phone to the iPad easily, so I will do one big post later with everything!

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