As promised, here are some pictures of my pandora charms and my new desk set up 😀

I wish my sunnies weren’t in the car, I shall try to remember to take a picture of them tomorrow….

My new desk, my new mac and my new keyboard and mouse (which came with the new mac).  So very sexy!!!  Need to move things around a little bit but otherwise, it is lovely having such big desks. These are 15cms wider than our old ones and also 30 cm’s longer.  Extra room!!  Means we have less moving room, but really, we sit at our computers – not dance on the tables!


The love heart charm is the one I have been wanting for ages!!  Probably ever since I bought my first charm, but I just didn’t want to buy any expensive charms until we could actually afford it. Not that it was overly expensive, but it was more than I was willing to spend 😀

The charm to the left of this image with the little love hearts is made with mother of pearl and when i saw it in the catalogue I kind of went into spasms..I loved it on site and had to have it 🙂

This has 2 new charms on it, on the right, (not a very good picture) is a silver charm with gold flowers and pink CZ in the middle.  This picture does not do it justice, it is a lovely charm. Next to that is Buddha (old) and next to him is my new viking!!  I saw him through the glass and was engulfed in a storm of cuteness.  Had to also have him 🙂

All I can say is thank you hubby for buying me such lovely lovely presents!  I love them sooo much.



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