Another big day…I am soooo wrecked!

Today was huge, we left the desks in the back of my car that we bought at ikea yesteday (which I failed to mention in my last post) and decided to head to Doncaster for the day.

It is hubbies favourite shopping centre and I dont really mind it all that much – it has all of our favourite stores and it is clean and parking is always a breeze, even in the later part of the morning (you just hve to know which area to head for).

We went to Pandora and bought me a couple of new charms….I love them!  I have been wanting them for a little while.  I will take pictures of them tonight and post them 🙂  They are soo very lovely!  Then whilst waiting to pay – we found a little viking charm!!!! So damn cute I had to have him as well.  As it currently stands – I think I need maybe…6 more charms and I will be full bracelet, which means I can start on my next one!!  hehehe

So we then walked around a little bit, had a look at a few shops and I bought a pair of sunnies – finally!!  They are very nice and will be awesome for our sydney trip as I did not want to drive for 8 hours without sunnies…would be horrific!  Ralph Lauren I think is the brand – and nowhere near the price I thought they would be to be honest…less than 150…is that good ?  i have no idea – I just liked the style!

Then  of course the big purchase – TWO NEW IMACS!!!!!! oh yeah baby!!  Pretty excited about them actually! They are very nice and they will look lovely on our new desks…must remember to take a picture of all these new bits and pieces!

So we finally get home after all that and attempt to set up the desks and clean out the current room!  What a mess!! Hubby had to reset his mac as we were not sure which one had the RAM upgrade, anyway long story short – the desks got built, the macs got set up and the dining table looks like a bomb has hit it 🙂

Will be cleaning the entire place tonight anyway as we have dinner tomorrow night with everyone 🙂


***edited to add

WOW, I thought I hit the post button – i didn’t…so here it is then…a little late though 😀

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