Back into study…and other things

I opened my first weeks work on Monday and you know what I had to do….create an online persona….2 of my assignments require an ongoing web presence….fake one of course – or whatever you want really…so I have created a completely serparate WP blog, with twitter, facebook and Deviantart id….I also have to everntually create delicious as well – not that I am a fan of world wide bookmarks…but hey it must be done 🙂

So if you see Brytedragon around the traps – it is me.  I am setting up as an amatuer photographer…LMAO!!  Yeah I know….me – with any photography skills.  Anyway, I will be acting as though I do, so please feel free to find me if you like and watch my uni assignment unfold 🙂

I am excited about this degree…more so than the previous one I started – this feels right to me 🙂

I am back on the job hunt, I need to cut down my travel hours…I am getting tired by 9pm now and just keep falling asleep on the couch, which is not good.  Fingers crossed I have more luck and not that my step mum is back at work part time, they really don’t need me.  We have managed to keep everything up to date and in all honesty there is just not enough for two of us to do.

With the above in mind, I may drop my hours as well, our refinance got approved, which is YAY!!!!  But it means we are more financially free at the moment, so I am thinking about dropping down to three days a week to help me find another job and allow me time to study etc.  I will talk to dad about it when I get back from Sydney.  It saves him money in the end as well, so I am sure he will be up for that.

So from today we only have our mortgage to worry about, and our insurance policies, both health and car/house.  We have a contract which ends in April for our really old computers so we are thinking of just paying that out so we don’t have to think about it.  But WOOOT!!  We are going to be able to save – I am demanding it!!!  AHHAHHAHA  “Save” is the wrong word, I am just going to have it applied to the mortgage to keep the redraw open and to help that so we are not having to deal with another account.  We already have too many of the damn things….Although I wonder, if we can have a savings account linked to the mortgage…..hrmmm…should investigate that 🙂

Anyway, better start doing some actual work and hope my fingers start to defrost soon….we have this tiny little air heater trying to warm up a medium sized office….FAIL!!

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