Time to spare

So my toothless hole is hurting, and even the spots where he poked me with needles is hurting a fair bit. The bleeding has mostly stopped but I am finding it hard to swallow because of the pain….not happy!!!!!

So aside from that I am sitting in the vw service area waiting for the car to he serviced, could take at least 4 hours! So I am going to kill my husband for being on call this week!

But I suppose I might only maim him, he is taking me to Sydney in two weeks and thanks to him we have a wonderful life 🙂 speaking of which our refinance will be completed by Tuesday!!!! So I am going to get cheques done for the two car loans on Saturday (if not before) and then we will be paying less every fortnight!!!! Yay!!! I have to calorie car places this week and confirm the best way to get them paid out!

My thoughts are with one of my best friends at the moment as she is going through a very rough time and is going through something most people should never have to. she knows I love her and am here for her but I just hate there is nothing I can do.

Anyway going to stop young as doing it on an iPhone is sort of annoying after a long time!

One thought on “Time to spare

  1. Team Oyeniyi says:

    You might need to edit your last line I think – iPone autotype might have got you. Yes, posting from a phone is crappy!

    Salt water – make sure you rinse with salt water to avoid dry socket – they are NOT fun!!

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