fingers crossed :D

Have sent in all our paperwork for the refinance/debt consolidation…fingers are so deeply crossed I am scraping bone.

This will really help us out and I am just not able to express how good it will be if it goes through!!

My ear is healing well, and I think the surgery was a success, it sounds like I am underwater (which is better than hearing nothing) and it is damn itchy!!!  I have never really been great with dealing with itchy wounds….so this is nuts!!  I just want to shove a fork in there and scratch around for a little while!!!  Only 2 more weeks before the sponge gets removed, so I am hopeful that itching will stop soon.

OMG NO…disgusting ….

Somethings are just unexpected :/

Today at work, we were delivered a vehicle from an insurance company for repairs and they left the windows open…guess what we found in the car….a dead cat!!!  Yup a feral.  There was poop, wee and blood all over the car, and then when my dad moved the seat there was the jackpot.

I have never been so disgusted. Not because of the dead cat (although disgusting to be sure) but the fact that an insurance company treats cars soooooo badly.  had that been me, I would have been wanting my entire years premium back and I would be going ballistic at them!!!

Thought I should share that all with you 😀