So bad, so very very bad day…

Having a shocking day, am so glad it is nearly over because I am not

I just want to go home.

A supplier came to work and I asked him how all the manual labour was treating him and he said he was sweating like a rapist…..


Who the fuck says that?????

So I was then immediately tense and hateful of him. I was scared out of my mind and it just set my therapy back a year…..

Edited the draft I started yesterday to add the following:

This morning (saturday) I had a terrible nightmare about it, and was screaming in my sleep, hubby was basically shaking me to wake me up and when I opened my eyes I could barely see for the tears.  I am not feeling well, mentally, right now.  I am scared and anxious….I am can fell the fear sitting in the back ground and I feel like vomiting.

We are supposed to be heading to footscray now to see if we can find some fresh fish and I honestly am  not sure if I can leave the house…..I am freaking out.

I am wondering if i should tell dad I don’t want to work there anymore, but I really need the job since our plans to refinance have fallen through….but this guy wont be around for 2 weeks now, so perhaps I will be ok by then…..

I will just see how it goes and try and calm down by then

2 thoughts on “So bad, so very very bad day…

  1. Team Oyeniyi says:

    Oh hell. Not what you needed at all sweetheart.

    No-one I know says that – it is crazy.

  2. […] written years after the rape, about the horror triggered by some idiot making a joke about “sweating like a rapist”. This lead to me (later) entering a heated debate with Ben Pobjie about rape jokes in comedy […]

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