So I got 97% and a HD for my previous module, in all honest I couldn’t work out if thy was my exam or module result…either way I kicked arse on that.

I spent most of last night trying to complete my other assignment and I am having real trouble writing about managers….I have never worked under what I would consider a good manager and so I am having trouble keeping my assignment objective and uncolored by negative experience. Perhaps a little harsh but so very true!!

I have barely done any study and I really need to start getting into it

Bikemania has taken over at our house since the try it free session. Hubby even bought a book with bike sales a d has Ben looking into what bike he wants to buy!!! The joys of having a chance to look up things at work!?!?!

I really want to do my l’s but I just don’t have time or money right now. The money thing I am planning on improving after June, once I have gotten dad caught up with the tax man.


One thought on “Missing

  1. Team Oyeniyi says:

    Like mother, like daughter! Hehehe – LOVE the result!! You are doing better than I did!

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