Blew up the wagon :)

Been quite a while since I have written, I guess I am busier than I realized…well not exactly true…travelling to work everyday is taking a bucketload of time….sometimes 2.5 hours….it means a long day and very little time when I get home to do much except cook dinner and then go to bed…

I was not really expecting to be at dads shop for more than a few months but it seems to be turning into a more permanent job..he is still not sure what to do and I think at the moment he is just floating with the tide to see where we end up in a few months time.

I am learning heaps though, invoicing, accounts, payroll, super etc which is adding to my already useless skill set… One valuable thing I have learnt though -payroll software is bloody difficult to use and needs to be simplified!!!! Maybe I should design some if I ever finish my degree 🙂

Speaking of which I am now Two weeks behind as my textbooks have not arrived…I ordered them 3 weeks ago…and I can’t really do much as it refers me to the text…. I will be calling them today to harass! I am also still waiting to find out my exam results… But it has only been 2 weeks, so hopefully not too much longer 🙂

Nothing much else has been going on in all honesty, I am wrecked and too tired on the weekends to do too much…. Chat later time to work!


One thought on “Blew up the wagon :)

  1. Team Oyeniyi says:

    Hopefully it will settle soon. Best of luck with your current battles and if you need anything – holla!!

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