I dislike you right now…..

I have spent the last hour trying to do my assignment and my computer keeps blue screening…so I have written exactly one paragraph….

I am now just burning some important files to a disc and I will be formatting this puppy tonight…Mainly my uni stuff as I have to be able to produce my assignments and work upon request.

I am so annoyed….I now have to locate the windows disc, transfer my one paragraph to the laptop and type on that crappy keyboard…GRRRR  Not int the mood tongiht.  hubby is out and I was going to get this whole thing done tonight….I have one more week for this assignment.  My program is complete…mostly…just a little tweaking I have to do on Sunday before I hand it in…

arrrgghhh fuckk it…now my mac just died as well!!!!  FFFFFFFS!!  I am copying some files from the pc to the mac, so as you can imagine it dying is NOT want I wanted…..

Onto other things, work is going ok, Dad still cracks it over almost everything, I never knew him to be such a negative person, but when it comes to the business – I think he is so far over it – he can’t see any positives….Deb and I are bringing in money but as fast as we bring it in we spend it on bills.  To be far though a fair chuck of the cheques I have written this week have been for tax and related things to avoid further fines etc.  Anyhow, he just gets angry about everything and I really have nothing to say that will help the situation as it is all true….which is worse.

We are getting there, and it is not seeming as dire as it did a few weeks ago.  I have made it an organizational hellhole…folders for everything and a place for every bit of paper….just a couple more things to sort out….it is insane but I figure the best way to know where we are up to is to have clear understanding of what we have on the go….

I have been too busy to even thing about blogging or internet of any kind lately…I have been coming home, making dinner, doing study then heading to bed….no time for much of anything else at the moment, but that is what happens when you fall behind in study and have to travel 4 hours a day 😀

Also doesn’t help that hubby and I spent all weekend sick as dogs and are still recovering, so I am pretty exhausted.  Am thinking of going to see my mum on Saturday as hubby has lodge and I would like to get away from thinking about my assignments…..depends if I can get a move on it tonight.  I have about 1.5 hours before hubby gets home, so will see if I can get most of a draft done…it’s only 1500 words…and I already have 150…won’t take me long at all to flesh out a basic essay.  Just need to get past the writers block 😀

Heading off now to start 🙂  Chat later

Salvaging a business…

Most people who know me, know that I have always wanted to be my own boss and run my own business….this experience with my father has taught me 2 very valuable things

1 – never, ever, let anyone be in complete control and not understand where the business is at

2 – never ever let things get behind as it can be almost too hard to catch up.

I am in shock and complete confusion over what has happened to the “family” business.  I have no idea if we are doing any better or worse than before we started….it’s more of a vent then anything else so please feel free to ignore this post or just skip over it 🙂

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Blew up the wagon :)

Been quite a while since I have written, I guess I am busier than I realized…well not exactly true…travelling to work everyday is taking a bucketload of time….sometimes 2.5 hours….it means a long day and very little time when I get home to do much except cook dinner and then go to bed…

I was not really expecting to be at dads shop for more than a few months but it seems to be turning into a more permanent job..he is still not sure what to do and I think at the moment he is just floating with the tide to see where we end up in a few months time.

I am learning heaps though, invoicing, accounts, payroll, super etc which is adding to my already useless skill set… One valuable thing I have learnt though -payroll software is bloody difficult to use and needs to be simplified!!!! Maybe I should design some if I ever finish my degree 🙂

Speaking of which I am now Two weeks behind as my textbooks have not arrived…I ordered them 3 weeks ago…and I can’t really do much as it refers me to the text…. I will be calling them today to harass! I am also still waiting to find out my exam results… But it has only been 2 weeks, so hopefully not too much longer 🙂

Nothing much else has been going on in all honesty, I am wrecked and too tired on the weekends to do too much…. Chat later time to work!