Where do we go from here

So decided last night I have to get back on track with the food aspects of our lives. I am not losing weight as I would like and i think that is because we have reverted back to bad eating habits.

I made one of our usual salads tonight and there was enough for both of us to bring to work today….once we reduced our serving size….

I also bought some multi vitamins last night, but forgot to take one this morning 🙂 supposed to take it with breakfast….another issue I need to remedy….Hoping that helps the exhaustion I am feeling….fingers crossed!

I have my uni exam on the 28th as well, my first exam in over 10 years…. Not sure how I am going to get through it. I am still waiting for my second assignment results and I did pass all the tests and the first assignments, so if I can manage to pass the exam, I should be ok!!!!

I enrolled for my next two subjects, intro to management and intro to programming…..so they start the day of my exam….had to do them first as they are the pre-reqs to the rest of my modules.

Can’t believe I am doing a degree finally and I am starting next modules already!!!! It is bloody awesome!!!

I am not looking for work anymore either, I sort of stumbled into a job working with my dad, did I mention that already? Can’t remember! It’s not a permanent thing, just until my step mother gets back on her feet really, but we don’t know when that will be, so for the moment it is giving me excellent skills and experience I can use for my job hunt when this is over 🙂 and I am getting paid 🙂

We are also trying to refinance our loans into one as that will give us more money each week, and means I don’t really need to work at all…..and no…not talking about babies!!!! Lol