Less than ordinary

I have been busy helping my dad at his shop, trying to clean up and make some sense of the system my step mum had…I am sure she had one…somehow…. 😀

It has been long days and getting home at about 7pm as the traffic getting home is horrendous, then by the time I make dinner and clean up it is 9 and I am basically collapsing into bed. I am exhausted all the time and the more tired I am getting the more irritable.

I am going to really focus on getting this PCOS under control this year. I am going to buy a multivitamin I think to help combat the general feelings of exhaustion, perhaps that will allow me the motivation to exercise, as I have dropped off the wagon this last 2 weeks and I lost like 6kgs -I want to keep going!!!!

I am also going to cheat and order some hydroxycut….it’s apparently awesome for pure weight loss…a friend of ours has used it whenever he needs to drop weight after being lazy….that will hopefully help as well….no idea 🙂

My mum has the mrt appeal this week, I am going along for moral support and will probably head to her place afterwards, we are hoping the give her a decision at the hearing rather than dragging it out….fingers crossed on that as it could be a very good or bad night….

I just want this to be over for her and John. I can’t cope being away from my hubby for a week, I can’t imagine being away for months….

Time for work, if the train ever turns up, melb train system is shit…..I missed a train because the machine wouldn’t take my fucking coins so I had to go all the way round to the other platform, then the next train has been delayed and delayed….I will never get to work!

2 thoughts on “Less than ordinary

  1. minxi says:

    6kgs- YAY!!! DID I MISS YOUR POST ABOUT THAT!!!????? That’s bloody awesome – well done missy! Keep going, even if it’s just a little bit of extra activity a day, well done on the 6kgs!!!! 😀

    And what is this hydroxycut? I’m curious to know what that’s about?

    Don’t forget, when you do exercise, it’ll help wake you up, but it’s hard because motivation needs you to be awake to do exercise! Can you try for 10mins in the morning before your morning shower?

    *hugs* thinking of you heaps xox

    • dragonray says:

      Hydroxycut is what weight builders use to get better tone, it drops the actual fat, increases ur metabolism etc. Definately the cheats method but apparently it works…… How can I day no if it helps drop the weight???? Hehehe

      I have to keep reminding myself that I have lost 6kgs with PCOS that is no small feat, but it is a little disheartening sometimes….especially when the weight is fluctuating so much!! I haven’t really posted all that much about it as I have been feeling guilty about not doing as much the last 2 weeks….I should remedy that and celebrate the milestones, no matter how small. For example I ride for 10kms last night 🙂

      How is training with hayes??? As good as you remembered?

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