Playing catch up

I have had a very busy couple of weeks and I just have barely even been near my computer at all….I just told hubby I did not want to watch anything or do anything other than sit here and catch up on  stuff.  JUST FUCKING STUFF!!!!!  I don’t think he was impressed, but well…I am sorry….I haven’t been having my technological fix every day anymore and it is making me a little antsy.  I also need to finish my assignment this weekend as it is due tomorrow night before midnight.

Lots to catch up on, so follow me after the break 😀

I had my brothers 21st the other weekend, it was pretty fun to catch up with everyone.  It was the first time I had seen my other family since well before the new year, so it was good to catch up.  Here are some piccies of the night 🙂


I can’t believe he is 21 now…time flies so fast. I had fun though even though the aircon wasn’t working in the room…I noticed my step mum was not her usual self and found out that she has been suffering from anxiety again and was feeling a little less than enthused to be there.  I told both her and dad if they needed a hand at the shop I would come and help out, after all I can do office work 😀

Then on Thursday I rang dad as I was going to drop past the shop and he told me that mum was in hospital for psychiatric issues.  She basically had a complete melt down and could not cope.   Drew and I went to see her at the hospital and she was so vague and listless.  It was a very odd thing to see someone as vivacious as her completely flat.  I will admit I did not like the way her mother was treating her, she was showing very little compassion about the situation just saying she needed to snap out of it basically, and although I know she would be worried for her daughter, I think she needed to just stop.

I am not an expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I was seeking help for 2 years with regards to anxiety from my rape, so I feel I have some experience with the way the mind acts and responds.  Especially to anxiety and that feeling of impending doom, the flight or fight response and the general feeling of deciding if you do indeed ever want to come back from that.  I would like to see mum without other people there and talk to her as a person who understands what she is going through, she would start opening up to me and then her mother would start interrupting and telling her what she is feeling and what she should and shouldn’t do and then mum would shut up again…it was so fucking annoying…..

I told Dad that day I would help him at the shop on Monday, no ifs buts and maybes 😀  So I turned up on Monday as promised and got stuck into it.  The other lady who works there, Debbie, has been there for years and knows how to do all the quoting and estimating and invoicing etc, so I am stuck doing a lot of personal and financial stuff.  I am also trying to clean up the office at the same time as help get all the money and tax info sorted for Dad.  Apparently no financial information has been lodged in a while and we need to get that sorted ASAP.  That is what I am doing.  I am also answering the phones and helping out with invoices where and when I can.

They have a great program which lets you do so much, like order parts, note them as received, invoice them, pay the invoice etc and yet, they don’t’ use them, they do everything on paper.  It’s antiquated.  It wouldn’t be so bad if mum kept everything neat however there is just paperwork everywhere and no filing for files. So whilst using a paper system is viable you really need to be able to keep that sorted.

So I have been working there all of last week, and looks like I may be there for a little while longer.  It is a two fold benefit.  I am helping Dad and Mum out by trying to get this organized and fixed, and I also getting work experience in a job that is not Insurance admin.  I am adding invoicing, and accounts and wages onto my skill set as a recent acquisition, which can only be a good thing once this ends and I need to go back to looking for work. I should update my resume 😀

Dad paid me some money for last week and I can only hope that continues, as it will make things a little easier financially for this week 😀

Speaking of money, we saw a dude from Mortgage choice on Thursday evening and he reckons out of 25 lenders, 23 would be willing to look at us.  So we gave him all the paperwork he would need and have sent that off in the hopes we can refinance our car loans into the mortgage and have some money spare to live on.  We shall see what happens, he said we should have a yes or no in 5 days then another 5 days should be the valuation then it should be ready to go….fingers crossed.  This will save us 500 a fortnight to add to our actual cash flow.  It means I don’t really need to earn anything to be covered – tight as that will be – but it gives us a little breathing room, so that any money I do actually bring in will allow us to pay extra on the bills for the fortnight or get ahead on the monthly deductions like insurance etc.

As I mentioned my second assignment is due this weekend so I have to get that finished today/tomorrow…but I only have a little bit left to do.  Hubby wants to look at taking up a law degree, so I will possibly be the breadwinner after my degree is finished and I become a programmer or manager 😀

My Mum finally got given date for the MRT hearing with regards to her hubby.  It is on the 17th Feb, she leaves to visit him the next day.  I am hoping they give her a positive decision on the 17th so when she flies to him the next day it is to tell him he can come home with the kids.  My fingers, toes, pubic and nose hairs are all crossed with hope.  She needs this to end as I am not sure how much more of this she can cope with.  It has been a very hard road.  It will be good to have him here with her 😀

I want to get back into painting and drawing, I have been having a hankering for it lately and I really feel that I have been neglecting any creative outlet that I have 😀 This makes me feel like I am just bottling things up and making my life more stressful.  So I need to buy more canvas and I need to start painting miniatures again  – that was hard focused work but well worth it 😀

I have stopped playing WoW again, i have not logged in for over 2 months so I just cancelled my account.  I also haven’t done a lot with regards to practising religion or anything lately.  I am feeling a little bereft of spirituality and not sure where I am heading with that, it might just be because i was having trouble finding a job or that I am am finding it hard to find time to do anything etc..who knows…

I am sliding off the exercise regime this last week. I have been slack.  I was riding 8km’s a night and this week, with working full time getting home at 8.00pm and then having to organise dinner, I think I have just been a little tired.  This week has been the worst as I have been leaving home at 6am and not getting home until 7/8pm in the evenings….so just long days.

Hopefully next week will be better 😀  Fingers crossed!

My cousin was supposed to be coming over tonight and I was looking forward to catching up with her, but she just cancelled on me, so I am a little depressed now 😀  But all will be well soon enough I am sure.

Now that I have written a thesis, I need to go and do some shopping and buy some canvas and then get some washing happening.  Not that I can hang anything otu since it is pouring with rain, but I need clean clothes!!  ehehehe



One thought on “Playing catch up

  1. Never give up your painting and drawing. I still draw, mostly cartoon for my blog. But I have not picked up my brushes in so long and when I tried my sky and water both look like mushy mud. In my case that ability evaporated but I still carve in wood.

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