How do we keep going?

I am really, really deflated.  I basically have 1 month to find a job as we are now out of funds.  The bills all just got pulled so we have a window of a month before things are going to start bouncing.

Centrelink can’t help because hubby earns to much, I am thinking about pulling out the superannuation papers and seeing if I can claim financial hardship, will do that today.  I am also going to help my dad at his shop with some paperwork.  My step mum is not well at the moment and his office assustant is having trouble keeping up with all the interruptions.  So he will be paying me as well, so fingers crossed I can do that until I have a job to go to, and I don’t know how much he will be paying me.

I am going to consider getting my RSA and RCG in the next couple of weeks…only costs about 100 bucks but that will open up more opportunities for employment in pubs/casino etc.

I am so highly stressed at the moment I really just can’t describe it.  I just want a job.  I did not think trying to get one would prove to be so difficult.  Today I will start applying for jobs in the insurance industry as well, it was always my last resort and one i did not want to do.  I really don’t want to!

I hate myself for doing this to my life and to my hubby. I was stupid to think that my experience and skills would count for anything.  I was so dumb to think that I could even get temp work.  I am just proving consistently how stupid I am.