I didn’t get the job I really wanted, I fund out this afternoon and I just don’t seem to be able to recover from it.  I note I am supposed to be PMSing at the moment and that may contribute to my general sense of teary :/

I have been applying for jobs every day – as many as I can, and you know….i am having a 2 out of 15 hit rate…this is a problem. According to the ones I do actually speak to – my resume if fabulous….I will go through it again and see if I can make it more generic admin….

I can’t even be bothered typing, so I am just going to cal it quits here….i might drink my wine tonight and have a cry.


3 thoughts on “Deflated

  1. mjd says:

    Cheer up, cobber! She’ll be right, mate. No worries.

  2. minxi says:

    Heya – take it easy mate. Don’t read this comment until you’re feeling a bit better. My suggestions might sound like I’m being ‘tough’ by asking heaps of questions.

    Anyway – I reckon you need…
    a) to let PMS pass by – *everything* will seem crappier right now, no matter what happens – even if you’d gotten the job, something would seem SHIT and CRAP anyway – this is the law of PMS


    b) get a good, direct relationship with a recruiter happening who is on YOUR side, not these general cattle call types. There is nothing more demoralising. I don’t think I got any bites from the jobs I applied for online when I was going through the process. It was the direct phone calls and face to face meetings with my recruiter that got me anywhere.

    Hmmm are an agency called K2 in Melbourne as well? I can’t remember if they have a Melbourne office. Do you know who they’re using at our previous employer? Target them? Can you get an introduction through them? Are you using your LinkedIn networks?

    I know some of our clients were hiring in insurance admin in the city, but that was last year – not sure if they’re still in that position :-/

    And I’m pretty sure you don’t want to stay in ‘the industry’. I should listen more :-/

    I’m really sorry you didn’t get the job you really wanted 😦

  3. My best friend is jet engine, computer whiz, assembly line quality control guy. This is a $50 + an hour person for his worth. Can’t even find an $8 an hour gig doing anything here in Miami. Real unemployment probably exceeds 20%.

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