the zoo :D

I had the urge to get out of the house today.  Not having a job does have its downsides. I am getting more restless the longer I am not working….I am not entirely sure I could ever be a stay at home mum 😀    Don’t get me wrong – I like not having to go to work, but I just didn’t want to do anymore housework or internet surfing….

So I went to the zoo 😀  I tracked my walk – it was 5m’s.  I have posted some images below 😀


My olympus started to run out of battery so I didn’t get to take all that many images and the majoruty I did take came out blurry – these were only the few I could salvage and even then – they are pretty bad quality!!

Anyway I had an enjoyable afternoon wandering around by myself just not thinking about anything or stressing 🙂

Hubby has told me he will try and take me on safari next week or in a couple of weekends to werribee – I have always wanted to do that, so I was jumping at the chance 😀


One thought on “the zoo :D

  1. I am terrible at taking pictures so I just get the post cards at the gift shop for every venue. That orange thing up there. My uncle had one of those. Growing out his ear. .

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