My little guy has some major issues.

I took him to the vet today as he is starting to develop the skin problem he had previously.

They advised we need to give him food with higher omega 3 – so I will be buying some extra expensive food on Friday – in the mean time I am adding a can of sardines to his diet.  This includes antibiotics and anti scratching tablets every day for the next couple of weeks.

The vet doesn’t think it likely it is fleas as she could not see any evidence of them – as i can’t – but has not entirely ruled it out, however I would suggest that after a couple of months on the better food if we see an improvement then it is likely not flea related.

He also has a cataract developing on his right eye, so far it only covers a third – if it gets worse he may need to have a new lens replacement.  Apparently not difficult or hard procedures anymore.  So in a couple of months time if the eye looks more cloudy I need to take him back and possibly to an eye specialist as well.  I did notice his eye looked more glassy in light and did even mention it to hubby, but wasn’t sure if it was just the light – he wasn’t having any difficulty seeing out of it so I didn’t bother getting it checked.  I am glad it was not a major issue just yet.

So my poor little baby has to have special food because he has so much fur and he may have to have surgery….


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