Had another interview today at an agency, they may be sending me for an interview this week…I am waiting to hear – it is a part time job in Collins street somewhere, 3 days a week.  Pay isn’t too bad and anything has got tbe better than nothing.

I am exhausted though – driving into the city for a 25 minute appointment really annoys me to be honest.  I get so tired driving for just over 2 hours.  Anyway they signed me up for temp work as well, let’s hope someone gets me some work soon…I am beginning to lose the plot 😀 hehe

I need to get stuck into my study, I am just a week behind in actual studying…I have read through all the notes but I have not done any of the practical exercises etc….which requires looking up information etc. That will be my focus this week aside from interviews.

I just booked my exam, in Bendigo – on the 28th Feb ARRGGHH!!!!!!  Just over a month to get everything into my head….some serious studying needs to occur!!!

Better go – I have heaps to do this afternoon!!


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