I am sitting in my dingy little caravan with some wifi that I just purchased for 20 bucks and figured i would do a post about everything I have been doing.

I have added it behind a cut as I want to add some images etc 🙂

The boat over was a little dull and horrid, I say that as a loner though.  I think if you had others with you the time would have passed much more quickly and i would suggest to anyone thinking of doing the ferry to tassie – spend the money and get a cabin!!!!  Although there is plenty of public seating, there is also plenty of public using those seats…

I was a little disappointed, however it doesn’t help that I have a a bladder the size of an acorn and so kept losing my seats 🙂  Overall I didn’t feel the sea sickness too badly, just a few minutes here and there in the more choppy seas 😀

So i drove from Devonport to geevston that night, about 4 hours…and finally got to my aunty and uncles place. It was dark and late and I was tired, so stayed up for a coffee then tottled of to bed.

The next day we headed to where the wedding was and helped set up the hall, decorating etc and making sure it was beautiful 🙂  that took a fair few hours.  My aunty left in the afternoon to pick up my mum and we headed home.

The view around their place is gorgeous, 17 acres of just lovely.  I have to admit, if i ever get to live in tassie i would want to live in the Huonville/Port huon/Geevston area.  It is simply stunning and being so close to the coast and the ocean is awesome.

I will post some more pics of that area later, I am not entirely sure i got any good ones.

The wedding was wonderful. Very quick and over in under 30 minutes.  It left more time for drinking….I got hardly any images of it as the wedding party were walking like they were on hot coals….zoom zoom zoom everywhere…..but they tyed the knot and all is happy so was lovely 🙂

Mum and I knew very few people there so we kind of stuck together.  I caught up with my M.  He is all grown up now and I have missed him a lot, he has caused some massive family issues though and is in the bad books….I wasn’t drinking as I was driving, which suited me fine.  It drizzled most of the night and we spent it around a bonfire.

Monday I went to see my cousin and his fiance and all the kids, that was interesting.  It was nice to see him and chat to him and catch up about things that had been going on.

Tuesday I drove back to hobart and spent some time with my other cousin and her husband – the newlyweds.

Wednesday – today, I was hoping to just walk around devonport and stuff, however it is bucketing down here so heavily I am not really able to leave the caravan.

Tomorrow I will be on the boat sailing back towards my hubby, and I am not really able to verbalize how much I have missed him – it has only been a week…I am not entirely sure how mum manages to stay sane.  I was ready yesterday to just catch a plane home and leave the car here somewhere.

I miss my bois as well and my house.  I dont like being at the mercy of other people, especially ones with kids.

Anyway here are some pictures of random bits and pieces  from the last couple of days!

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