Job hunting

I really need to get started on that.  I have been looking every few days on seek as well, but nothing is being updated.  Patience!

I can’t remember what days the jobs are in the paper, I thought I had the right days, but from the lack of jobs I would say not!  LOL

I will just keep trying.  I have also created an email account for my job hunting under bigpond, just to prevent spam and using a gmail account etc.  So I have to notify my temping agents about that.  I should also give them a call and make sure they are on the case for me.  I want to start working again!  Don’t get my wrong, I am enjoying not working, feels like a really long holiday, but I am very uncomfortable about the whole situation.

Time for some lunch I think as well. I am slightly peckish!

365 Project

Whilst reading through Facebook status updates I came across an interesting one from a friend :

The idea being you post an image every day that you have taken that day as a reminder of all the things happening in ones life we forget about.

I am intrigued by this idea and am going to give it a shot.  Can’t say how long I will actually remember to do this for, however I have pulled out the old (little) digital camera so I can throw it in my bag and perhaps snap shots of my day as I am just living life.

Also because hubby reminded me the other day the SLR is not actually my SLR and therefore he would like to use it…..*hehe*  so I kind of feel guilty and have given it back to him 😀  So until I get a job and can save the money up for my own camera – I am back to using my ole Olympus.

I then jumped onto wordpress today and found they have the same thing happening – blog a day….I am wondering if I should sign up for that as well, although I tend not to blog every single day I do blog quite regularly..perhaps I should sign up for the blogaweek thing instead then 😀  Covers my butt since I do tend to post weekly if nothing else 😀  So here goes I guess!