Security measures – Just a rant :D

I have honestly had enough of society.  I am sick to death of the multiple levels of security we have to go through every fucking day, because – like today – I didn’t update my  mobile on one of my banking sites and now I don’t have access to my funds because they need to send me something via post.

Even after I answered all their security questions and verification……tell me whats the point of having a verification process  if that means you still don’t know who I am…..

I wanted to withdraw some funds from my savings just to cover us, however they send an SMS code – to my old phone….so I wanted that updated…..can’t do it.  You can verify it is me, but you can’t verify it is me because I didn’t list a home or work number?  They would call me back on those numbers…..well sorry to tell you but I am not working – so I have no work number and I didn’t have a home phone at the time we signed up for the account….so um…..pretty stupid confirmation method if you ask me….

So she has to mail me the code…..MAIL IT TO ME!!!!  SNAIL FUCKING MAIL!!!!!!!  How about email to the address I use to log in every time – no someone could have access to that as well………..SERIOUSLY?@?@??@@?@

I DON”T WANT FUCKING SMS ALERTS AND BULLSHIT!!!!!!!  I Don’t want to be delayed when i want to do things, I already waited 5 days for the funds to even fucking appear in my account – now I have to wait 5 days for the snail mail to turn up and then I have to wait another 5 days for the money to transfer back….

I am closing the account.

I am sick to death of this stuffing about you have to do everywhere you go.  Anytime you call people you have to have a passcode or secret question or remember your last transaction…..I can’t remember my own fucking birthday half the time and you want me to remember how many different passcodes etc??

If people (humans, society, wankers) weren’t such dickheads and let their stuff get stolen we wouldn’t be in the situation we are in now – IRL or online. Watch your fucking handbag/wallets – scan your pc for virus’ – stop looking up porn and don’t open emails from people you don’t know…..GRAAAAHHHHHH

Hubby would tell me not to get angry at something I can’t control, I get angry because I am sick and tired of the constant bullshit and I don’t understand why I have to be inconvenienced – yes it is all about me!!  OMG. I think I need to restart this life scenario….play it over again with a better outcome…..


4 thoughts on “Security measures – Just a rant :D

  1. At least you do get to navigate through it . In Miami the whole process is complicated by the fact that we are now at least 80% foreign born so now you have the accents. If you are English speaking some ethnicities hang up on you and you can’t get anything done because the have all reached mid level bureaucracy in government and business and utilities and have no work ethic. Cases have been dismissed in court because the arresting officer was not literate enough to fill the report accurately.

    • Team Oyeniyi says:

      The USA is nowhere near 80% foreign born. In fact if you check your census results you’ll find, if I recall correctly, it was a mere 6%.

      Unlike Australia where we have over 50% of our population either not born here or at least one parent not born here.

      • Happy New Year Team Oy. I was speaking of Miami Dade County, Florida, only. (South American and Caribbean Hispanic and Caribbean Black, Jamaican and Haitian). My high school is now 90% Haitian as are a third of its teachers. All the old European ethnics have all moved away now along with their customs and institutions. The voting ballot is now in English, Spanish and Haitian Creole.Unless you are Haitian, Spanish, or Afro American, you don’t get elected to anything in this part of the country.

  2. Team Oyeniyi says:

    In fact, now I come to think of it, the auther of this site is Australian with both parents foreign born. 🙂

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