Blog update

I am just playing with my blog appearance – once again!

I have decided to use this awesome theme which allows me to pick my background and header and make it look awesome.  Well I think it looks awesome but most people who know me, know all my artistic talent can be stored in the nail on my pinkie finger 😀

So I will be changes my images every now and then and they will only be of images I have taken, that way I can at least look like I appreciate my own artwork 😀 hehehe

My exercise room and stuff

At the top in my menu bar you will see “Tracking”  this will take you to my exercise tracking blog.  The only thing that is going to be on there is my exercise and weightloss, so kind of boring for anyone not interested, which is why I created a separate area for it.  I didn’t want to bore people here 😀  So feel free to drop past and check it out 😀

Also here are some piccies of my exercise room, it is a little bland as I said, I have to get the speakers hooked up and I need to get my fan back in there.  Yes I am aware the ironing board is probably not the most useful piece of exercise equipment but it does a bloody good job of holding the dumbells 😀

The above is the sign I have on my door 🙂

As you walk into the room, bad shot I know but I am not very good with room images 😀

Thats my stepper on the floor, it has 3 different levels of difficulty, so far I am only going to do it on the lowest level as I am finding that hard enough 😀 Dumbells on the ironing board, it’s just a perfect solution to not having them on the floor!!

This is on the wardrobe door, it is my chart which I write everything down on so I can track what I am doing!