Missed a couple of exercise days

Yes I missed a couple of days due to my leg pain.  I did some research into the muscle pain you suffer and most people said to rest the area for a couple of days as you want the muscle to heal, this is what helps build stronger muscles.  If you continue to just tear them down (hence the pain) you will find they eventually wither away and become smaller……soo….that worried me 🙂  Anyway I then missed time due to Xmas which I think is fairly understandable 😀  However I got back into this morning, and I am going to push myself even harder in the next few weeks.

Also a funny thing, I had my scales in my workout room with me so I could weigh myself at the end of every week…..yeah….apparently carpet is not a good surface 🙂  It added an extra 10-15 kg’s to my actual weight…not that it matters as potentially I will be losing weight so it doesn’t matter what my start weight is…however – it does matter if it isn’t reading accurately.  So I have moved into it the bathroom.  I actually need to correct my starting weight on my sheets, i might do that after I post this up 😀

I am also going to take some pictures of my workout room to share, so you can all see how wonderful and bland it is!!  I need to get some motivational posters on the walls 😀  I might even do a collage of dresses/clothes/people/body shapes as well and help me focus on my goal 😀

So anyway Christmas was good.  My mum came up to spend the day with us, so I hope that cheered her up a little bit with the recent denial of her spouse visa she has not been dealing very well with everything.  We  had hubby’s mum down as well.  I bought Prawns!!!  YUMMOOOO!!  Stuffed myself silly to be honest, but you know it is the only day I actually by prawns, so I do go nuts 😀  We also had turkey and ham and roast veggies and then for desert we have hedgehog and fruit cake.  But I only had a small piece of each as I was conscious of the fact I had stuffed prawns in and I haven’t done any exercise!!  LOL

So today we are heading to a friends place for our normal boxing day drinking session.  Nothing major just sitting out talking, eating and drinking, it is always a nice day.

Hubby just showed me a few new exercise, which I am going to have to remember to do each day as well now.  Yes my plan is to do exercise every single day!!

I have to go and check on the silverside I have cooking, so I hope you all had lovely days yesterday and that Santa was good to you.  My Santa got lost in the USA somewhere and so none of our presents are actually here yet 😀  We are following them on tracking and they apparently are in melbourne……..just….not with us…..perhaps next week?  heheeh

Hugs and kisses to you all!!


5 thoughts on “Missed a couple of exercise days

  1. Merry Xmas from Women’s Intellect- All Sizes, Shapes, and Colors!


  2. what is hedge hog? What is boxing day?

    • dragonray says:

      Hedgehog is a cake slice, which is biscuits crushed up into chocolate with frosting….it is really very yummy 😀

      Boxing day is the day after Xmas in Australia – I have no idea why it is called that, but it’s a public holiday as well for us.

  3. minxee says:

    Glad you’re taking time to rest.

    Sorry to hear abt your Mum’s spouse visa denial – what now?

    And your Xmas sounds awesome! I’d love to see photos of your workout room! I’ll be getting my garage gym happening now too – so I’ll take photos once I’ve got the boxing bag weighted down.


    • dragonray says:

      Mum is taking it to the review tribunal….she tells me that 65% of the cases get changed at review…..so fingers are crossed.

      It is so cool you got a boxing bag for Xmas!!!! That is the best present, it will be really cool once you have the garage converted 😀 I might take some piccies today and post them up, so yes you must do the same thing. I will be honest I like having a room set up for my workouts, means I get some sort of motivation happening, and it is much easier to motivate myself to do it whilst at home, then find the motivation to go to the gym etc…but I am not doing anything which requires training like your kick boxing 🙂

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