This time of year just makes me sad

Yeah I know it is supposed to be about happy things etc, but you know, all I ever seem to think about is how much time I haven’t spent with the people I wanted to spend time with…..Christmas is a reminder of another year gone, how quickly it sneaks up on you.

Working, housework, cooking, exercising and spending time with hubby just takes up most of my year, then another weekend is gone and another week gets completed and before you know it, you are wondering how many times you actually saw X,Y,Z people this year.

Every year I keep telling myself, next year I will do more, catch up with people, get more involved….every year it is the same thing, everyone is so busy leading their lives as well and fitting everything in, you just don’t get to make dates work….

Not that enough of my friends or indeed family read this, but I do love each and every one of you- idiosyncrasies and all – and I really do regret that I missed another year of your lives and I wish you well for the coming year and let’s make sure we catch up regularly and attempt to have some sort of relationship happening.

Merry Soltice to you all and i will see you in the new year as I doubt I will get to updating this much over the coming week.  Hubby’s mum is coming down today and not heading home until Tuesday, so I will be entertaining her as much as possible.  Then well you know how it is, it is just a very busy time!

Hugs and kisses!


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