another day

I just got back from my walk, I had to cut it slightly short as rain clouds were threatening. In fact, just as I left home I got a slight sprinkle but it didn’t get heavier so I soldiered on!

Managed 3 km’s today, although my left thigh muscle is hurting, I wonder if I walk lop sided? My back was starting to hurt towards the home stretch and that is because I slouch when i get tired. So I have to rememeber to keep my back straight and not crooked.

During me typing that last sentence the rain just started bucketing down, so I did make it home in the nick of time.

I am going to give myself a 20 minute break then I will go and do some weights and push ups, I don’t want to do too much to start with as it will mean I just get sore and then be uanble to continue. I am sure I am going to be even more sore tomorrow, but you do have to push through some pain 😀

I now have two walking paths which are approximately the same length and not too horrible to walk, I shall keep to these two and switch them up. Once I am more fit I will go in the other direction which involves a couple of large-ish hills…

I had some fruit and yoghurt for lunch as we are having a BBQ for dinner I didn’t want to have too much bad food in one day 😀

Anyway going to split and throw myself onto the couch…I don’t want to move 😀

4 thoughts on “another day

  1. mjd says:

    Maybe you have more to lose on one side than the other. I prescribe walking around in circles next time.

  2. I do km’s too. “kill me’s” right? One kill me = one trip around the condo complex.

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