another day

I just got back from my walk, I had to cut it slightly short as rain clouds were threatening. In fact, just as I left home I got a slight sprinkle but it didn’t get heavier so I soldiered on!

Managed 3 km’s today, although my left thigh muscle is hurting, I wonder if I walk lop sided? My back was starting to hurt towards the home stretch and that is because I slouch when i get tired. So I have to rememeber to keep my back straight and not crooked.

During me typing that last sentence the rain just started bucketing down, so I did make it home in the nick of time.

I am going to give myself a 20 minute break then I will go and do some weights and push ups, I don’t want to do too much to start with as it will mean I just get sore and then be uanble to continue. I am sure I am going to be even more sore tomorrow, but you do have to push through some pain 😀

I now have two walking paths which are approximately the same length and not too horrible to walk, I shall keep to these two and switch them up. Once I am more fit I will go in the other direction which involves a couple of large-ish hills…

I had some fruit and yoghurt for lunch as we are having a BBQ for dinner I didn’t want to have too much bad food in one day 😀

Anyway going to split and throw myself onto the couch…I don’t want to move 😀

Busy day today :D

I have lots to do today, not sure I am going to fit it all in 😀

I have to go to the post office and pickup two parcels, go to the butcher and grab some meat for the impromptu BBQ we are having tonight, stop past woolies and get some salad stuffs, go past the baker as well.

I then have to come home, clean the bathroom, vacuum (yes with out new shiny vacuum cleaner 😀 ehehhehe) and clean up the dining table as it is covered instuff….I may acyually have to dust the lounge as well, which I will do before I vacuum.

After all that is done, I want to go for a walk again today and get some exercise in, the walk yesterday only took an hour, I just have to get started 😀 Might clean the house now before the shops are open then I am mostly done. It’s all about time management yes? LOL