Here we go again :D

I have made one of our spare rooms into a workout room, complete wwith fan ans and will be moving the speakers for the stereo in there today. Am tossing up putting my treadmill in there when I get it….wondering if I have the motivation to be sure I exercise even if hubby ios watching tv etc.

Today I have done weights – will go back and do some more shortly, I have done about 3 minutes worth of skipping – I gave up since I can’t seem to skip anymore, the rope is too long and keeps kitting me….I could also just be retarded 😀

I have also just got back from a walk, I was aiming for 40 minutes and I pretty much nailed that to the minute. According to google maps I walked 2.24 miles – apparently 3.6km’s….I highly doubt that, but since I can’t seem to figure out how to change it to km’s AND make sure I am using the right tool, I will just wait until hubby calls me and I will ask him to work it out for me 😀

I am going to do some more study once I have done my weights, as I only have a couple of weeks left before my assignment is due and my first test is on. I really need to organise a student diary or something…might give RMIT a call and find out what the go is since techincally I am enrolled in one of their courses.

This time I am going to stick to a plan!! Hopefully I will be getting a treadmill next week, if all goes to plan, which means I can do more walking 😀 and maybe even some running :D….LOL yeah very little running! but running nontheless!

edited to add:
Yup, just figured it out and it was 3.6 km’s 😀 I am a lilttle chuffed with myself to be honest. If I can walk that every day and do my circuit course that I have planned I should be definitely able to go to Anberlin in March 😀

5 thoughts on “Here we go again :D

  1. minxi says:

    Yay!!! good on you! Baby steps and stay consistent!

    Do *something* everyday, even if you don’t think its much – you’ll start seeing results in your fitness levels improving really quickly.

  2. dragonray says:

    it’s the doing soemthing every day that I fail at, but I have a goal now which I have to meet, I said I would and so I have to….

    How is your stuff going? Have you lost anymore weight or still the same weight but changing body shape still?

  3. mjd says:

    Are you using a phone app to measure your distance? When I got my phone I went for a jog almost entirely because I wanted to test out an app. I don’t question where the motivation comes from, as long as it helps get the results. 🙂

    • dragonray says:

      There is a phone app that measures ur distance? hahahah no i wasn’t, I just use google maps when I get home 😀 I do have a pedometer I was going to use, but I forgot abou it until I was almost home 😀

      Was it an accurate measure?

      • mjd says:

        I’m on Android, and use CardioTrainer, but I don’t know if that’s on iPhone. But there’s a bunch of them for iPhone. They can be quite accurate if you have your GPS on. Track your distance, speed, elevation etc. Some will sync to web sites, some will let you export to spreadsheets. Probably far more than you need.

        I know RunKeeper is popular, there’s a Nike one I think.

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