Here we go again :D

I have made one of our spare rooms into a workout room, complete wwith fan ans and will be moving the speakers for the stereo in there today. Am tossing up putting my treadmill in there when I get it….wondering if I have the motivation to be sure I exercise even if hubby ios watching tv etc.

Today I have done weights – will go back and do some more shortly, I have done about 3 minutes worth of skipping – I gave up since I can’t seem to skip anymore, the rope is too long and keeps kitting me….I could also just be retarded 😀

I have also just got back from a walk, I was aiming for 40 minutes and I pretty much nailed that to the minute. According to google maps I walked 2.24 miles – apparently 3.6km’s….I highly doubt that, but since I can’t seem to figure out how to change it to km’s AND make sure I am using the right tool, I will just wait until hubby calls me and I will ask him to work it out for me 😀

I am going to do some more study once I have done my weights, as I only have a couple of weeks left before my assignment is due and my first test is on. I really need to organise a student diary or something…might give RMIT a call and find out what the go is since techincally I am enrolled in one of their courses.

This time I am going to stick to a plan!! Hopefully I will be getting a treadmill next week, if all goes to plan, which means I can do more walking 😀 and maybe even some running :D….LOL yeah very little running! but running nontheless!

edited to add:
Yup, just figured it out and it was 3.6 km’s 😀 I am a lilttle chuffed with myself to be honest. If I can walk that every day and do my circuit course that I have planned I should be definitely able to go to Anberlin in March 😀