Think I just got screwed?

Was on the phone with hubby about some stuff just now, and I think I just got screwed….not sure….tell me what you think?

One of my favourite bands is Anberlin. Hubby says they are emo crap, but I love them, I think they are just my kind of rock 😀 Almost perfect in musical stylings. Anyway, they are coming to Melbourne in March next year. Hubby just made a deal with me, that I can buy tickets and he will come with me (“and enjoy it and shut up”), providing I am a size 18 by then. If I have not achieved that goal, we are going to get rid of the tickets……………..I just can’t understand that last sentence, it hurts my brain just thinking about it.

That’s almost like saying, here is a lovely, chocolately, cake, but if you so much as sniff it we are going to take it away from you…GAHHHHHH!!!!!!! So….size 18 by March here we come!!! I have to do this. I want to see Anberlin!! No I NEED TO SEE ANBERLIN!!

Onto other news, we are getting rid of the mini, although the hubby loves his car, it is costing us so much money to keep it on the road it is not very practical anymore. BMW/Mini service centres are kind of useless as well, but that is whole nother story, let’s just say when I am taking the car in to be serviced or looked at – I want a price beforehand so I know what to budget/plan for… be told “we can’t give you an estimate” makes me pretty uncomfortable and makes me wonder if they just make up prices once the service has been done to get the most money because no one knew what the cost would be going in….I also don’t like the idea of turning up to get the car and being told we need to pay thousands of dollars – I just don’t have that kind of money sitting around you know?…… We are getting a good trade in on it for a VW Golf, so we now have a second car loan for a very small amount, which when i get a new job we will be refinancing the house and combining the two.

I am not keen on having a second car loan, however it should, in theory, only be for a short while.

I have to shott off now and set up one of our spare rooms as a workout room now!! EEP!!

4 thoughts on “Think I just got screwed?

  1. Sian says:

    Powerful motivation. Can you imagine shredding those tickets? 😦 Workout central your place will be!

  2. I have found this a good way to out maneuver the service people. Get some estimates from other providers. Let us imagine they come in at $90 to $150. Then I would talk to service manager and hold out five $20 bills and say “This is all I have for this repair.” In this economy(here is USA) the manager will snap at any kind work possibility and the sight of cash usually gets a better deal for the consumer. Has worked for me when taking a cab home from airport too. Wave the money at the taxi stand and they become quite accommodating.

  3. minxi says:

    Heh good tactic! Make sure that your goal is able to be measured in different ways though – an 18 is so subjective! (maybe pick a pair of jeans or a top that you currently have now that are roughly the size you want to be and use that)

    ignore the size on the label, just use the actual size of the piece of clothing as your gauge.

    • dragonray says:

      Yeah we have that already sorted, but an 18 is easier to say so the implied size is understandable 😀 Drew even sent me all the different measurements of what is considered that size – god only knows how accurate they are considering the same size clothing never fits the same way 😀 But it gives me a few different methods of working out what I am aiming for. …I have no idea if I can even do that in the time frame we have assigned, consditing how big i am now.

      All I know is that once I start seeing results I will want to keep pushing myself, it is just hard to find the motivation to get started when you know nothing happens for the first couple of weeks….lol

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