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so my iphone doesn’t take the best images, I will admit that, and I may have been a little too far away from the stage for a non professional camera, however my eyes were much better able to see the band than is represented here.  To be honest I am kicking myself now because on my old iphone whe I went to see Paramore, when I took a video it came out horribly wrong.  This muse concert though, the sound qulaity was amazing and it actually turned out…I would have videoed more and some of my actual favourite songs…well I know for next time 😀

If you are going to the concert tonight, please don’t read below as spoilers and images of the set are following 😀

Consider that fair warning!

Here is the starting set:

The starting band were ok…they had some really awesom sounding songs that had me interested, then they would play something not so good…either way I will look into them and see what I think about them in a non-live capacity before passing judgement – Biffy Clyro was the name of the band btw.

So the above is the starting set, so hubby and I were debating if they were going to drop or raise the sheeting…before they did that though, they played some music and the stage started to light up like this:

in the end they dropped it to reveal the following:

Here is a video of some of it…the light show they had was amazing!!

They were great, they moved around, they played general riffs, we had a mexican wave, singalong with house of the rising sun, it was mental and fucking brilliant!!

Then just as they were doing their last song :

They released massive eyeballs filled with streamers, so when they popped the streamers went everywhere!  It was mad!!

They sang a really good mix of old and new, everyone going off with supermassive and black holes, I actually could feel the seating area shaking people were going that nuts.

Number one concert for me I think, I have been to a few concerts and not had the light shows, the quality of sound and the quality of voice, most have one of those but not all of them.  No offence to any of the other concerts I have been to.  This one was great on all levels and I really believe that makes for an excellent show. 

So I am going to shut up about them now 😀

3 thoughts on “#muse images and stuff

  1. minxi says:

    Glad you had an awesome time – everyone i spoke to who went to the Sydney concerts said they were excellent. Same for U2

  2. dragonray says:

    Yeah I heard only good repoarts about the other shows.

    u2 I just don’t get to be honest. I don’t really have a feel for their music, so I haven’t really been listening for anything.

    Have you been to anything recently?

  3. I am in Miami, Florida , USA. I have an editor of a clock and watch collectors magazine in Brisbane that uses my cartoons. I have not been to a concert since 1985 when I saw Bruce Springsteen. I don’t know how you can enjoy the event with standing room only and a bazillion people yelling high on things from A to Z and there being inadequate facilities for just about everything. It would be very depressing for me to see my contemporaries and those just a bit older with their white hair, wrinkles, walkers, canes, hearing aides and binoculars. I mean, sheesh, I was born in 1949 and these people look like they were born in 1849. Besides, if it’s not the Doors, Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Stones, or anti Vietnam protest songs, what is worth listening to in today’s music?

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