2nd week unemployed :)

Am loving it so far!  Well sort of.  I have not had a chance to do much of anything lately except be a housewife, I am cleaning, mowing, vacuuming and generally going nuts trying to keep on top of the housework to make it easier for us to have weekends where we don’t really have much to actually do.

I have to speak to a recruitment agency but in all honesty I just want a week where I don’t have to do things and impress anyone….I think this week is that week.  last week I  was running around going to interviews and appointments so I don’t think I felt like I was on a break so to speak.  This week I think I want to just chill out.

I have to do my weights later, and I have done some mowing today – half the backyard, I cant’ get the damn thing to start again, so I figure that is probably about 40 minutes of good exercise for me.  I may go for a walk later if it cools down a little as it is quite warm right now 😀

I bought  new vacuum cleaner, yes it is a dyson, and yes it was fucking expensive, but I brought it home and started on the bedroom and OMFG!!!!! It was worth every single cent.  Normally, I have to spend over 2 hours trying to clean the bedroom of all the dog hair, it is horrible exhausting and generally unpleasant.  Today, the bedroom took me less than 20 minutes AND it is cleaner than it has ever been.  I have to admit though, our previous vacuum cleaner, is about 9 years old and was a cheapo from big w, the fact that it has even lasted this long is impressive.  So you can imagine the difference between no suction and super suction…..(no dirty comments allowed).

As you can see above, our boys sleep in the bedroom with us, however having cream colour carpet is probably not the best.  I have tried to close them out of the bedroom at night time and they scratch and howl all night, so it was generally “easier” to just do the massive vacuuming effort every 2 weeks, but now, I can do it every week, if not every few nights and voila, beautiful new carpets again 😀

❤ my new Dyson vacuum cleaner 😀

I have to go and do the dishes now, but I really am feeling good about not being at work.  I am not as angry, or volatile; well I am not feeling that way. and would you believe the week I stopped work, my period just magically stopped as well a few days later.  I am wondering if it wasn’t more stress related than I first thought – Minxee may have called it – I am going to see how it fares. I downloaded an iphone app that tracks your periods, you set it on the first day of your period and your last and then it remembers things about your period , averages out the cycle etc sets reminders…so that will be helpful, if my period goes back to normal it will answer a lot of questions.

Anyway, hugs and kisses!

10 thoughts on “2nd week unemployed :)

  1. mjd says:

    “…..(no dirty comments allowed).”
    Oh, so it’s ok for you, but when the shoe is on the other foot…!

    I’m glad you’re destressing a bit. Hopefully you can get all the housework out of the way so you can go back to being properly unemployed (eg. playing WoW).

  2. dragonray says:

    heheh 😀

    Well I am kind of playing in between all the housework, so I did vacuuming, played wow, mowed the lawns, played wow, hung out some washing, played wow 😀 It’s a great system, I don’t feel quite so guilty !!

    When are we going to catch up btw, we need food, drinkies and great conversation night!

  3. mjd says:

    Yeah, we definitely should, although time of year is a bit crazy. Early in the new year might be more of a shot.

  4. dragonray says:

    definately 😀 i just forgot it was Xmas!! LOL

  5. mjd says:

    You’ll know it’s Christmas when you hit Winter Veil. 😉

  6. minxi says:

    Stress can do some really horrible things to one’s body and mind, I hope this is a way of your body just balancing itself out. Are you sleeping ok? Eating better too? All the little things really help. Being away from a toxic environment does wonders hey?

    I’m SO glad you’re starting to feel like it’s all actually over. It’ll take a while yet.

    For me, it’s taken me months to psychologically move on, despite starting a new role fairly quickly. I even had dreams months later that I was working for two companies – and yes, it was a nightmare and I woke up in a cold sweat because, in the dream, I didn’t want my new workmates knowing I was still working for the other people!!!

    I went back there last week for an external meeting. It was surreal, and very, very weird. I was in a space that felt more familiar and home-like than my current house feels at times and yet, I don’t work there anymore. I don’t have the right to feel ‘homely’ there. Even being on a floor where I worked for 3yrs (3.5yrs ago) felt soooooo weird. I know I should be ‘over it’ already – it’s been 5.5mths since I left, however I spent 10yrs and 120mths working there. This stint in my new employer is a drop in the ocean. Maybe you moving locations helped severe things more quickly for you?

    As you said in an earlier post, you’ve changed alot in that 10yrs. I hear you! Those years have been my formative years of my life and regardless of what you think of it iall, if you think you spent too long there or feel resentful about it all, it’s a big chunk of time. And alot of personal growth and change happens in a DECADE!

    The best thing is that I’m happy to move on, my old colleagues I’m still in touch with are happy for me and happy that I’m doing well (which was more important than I first realised, I didn’t know that I actually valued that) and I cannot begin to tell you what breath of fresh air it is to work within a different organisation, even in the same industry.

    It’s so refreshing and renewing. I’ve loved it.

    I know you won’t likely stay in the industry, but I’m sure you’ll have the same feeling whenever you start the daily work routine somewhere else.


    ps – yay for Dyson – my mother in law bought us one for our wedding….some would say that’s an offensive gift, I don’t!!!!

    • dragonray says:

      Yeah generally I am ok, lseeping well, eating etc. I have had some really funky dreams, non work related, although they have been very apocolyptic in nature 😀 I still feel like I am on AL, you know should be going back after Xmas, then I realise I am not….so yeah I am definately not out of the mindset. I think I will be similar to you in that it will take a long while 😀

      Can’t wait for Xmas and New years to be done then I can start with the serious job hunting and interviewing etc.

  7. Sian says:

    That photo looks like something out of an advertisment – is it really that different? Crazy! Our vacuum is nearly ten years old too, so I guess it might be worth thinking about a more expensive one if it breaks. It was bloody expensive when I was a starving student, but relatively cheap in today’s (employed) terms. Cats aren’t quite as messy.

    That period app sounds very interesting. I don’t expect mine to be regular as I am on Implanon (and they didn’t just stop like they’re sposed to) but it would be good data to have, without much effort. If I get a smart-phone-device thing I’ll have to look for something like that.

    • dragonray says:

      Yeah I know – exactly like an advert 🙂 hehe I just have to get used to emptying the filter out often, it doesn’t hold all that much, but my god it does such a good job 😀 Not sure I could justify a Dyson if I didn’t get paid out a fair bit of money or if I got it for a present.

      The app I am using is called p tracker 🙂 hehe so if you do end up getting a smart phone, defiantely check it out.

  8. The US govt and Congress doesn’t have a clue what being unemployed is all about. “We are moving in the right direction…there is significant progress…no tax cuts should go to….no that’s no good they should go too…we are not going to be rushed into…this month the figures look promising…we understand being unemployed can be stressful(Oh really?) ad infinitum. Mr. Flores cannot buy groceries for his family today. Do any of them get it?

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