2nd week unemployed :)

Am loving it so far!  Well sort of.  I have not had a chance to do much of anything lately except be a housewife, I am cleaning, mowing, vacuuming and generally going nuts trying to keep on top of the housework to make it easier for us to have weekends where we don’t really have much to actually do.

I have to speak to a recruitment agency but in all honesty I just want a week where I don’t have to do things and impress anyone….I think this week is that week.  last week I  was running around going to interviews and appointments so I don’t think I felt like I was on a break so to speak.  This week I think I want to just chill out.

I have to do my weights later, and I have done some mowing today – half the backyard, I cant’ get the damn thing to start again, so I figure that is probably about 40 minutes of good exercise for me.  I may go for a walk later if it cools down a little as it is quite warm right now 😀

I bought  new vacuum cleaner, yes it is a dyson, and yes it was fucking expensive, but I brought it home and started on the bedroom and OMFG!!!!! It was worth every single cent.  Normally, I have to spend over 2 hours trying to clean the bedroom of all the dog hair, it is horrible exhausting and generally unpleasant.  Today, the bedroom took me less than 20 minutes AND it is cleaner than it has ever been.  I have to admit though, our previous vacuum cleaner, is about 9 years old and was a cheapo from big w, the fact that it has even lasted this long is impressive.  So you can imagine the difference between no suction and super suction…..(no dirty comments allowed).

As you can see above, our boys sleep in the bedroom with us, however having cream colour carpet is probably not the best.  I have tried to close them out of the bedroom at night time and they scratch and howl all night, so it was generally “easier” to just do the massive vacuuming effort every 2 weeks, but now, I can do it every week, if not every few nights and voila, beautiful new carpets again 😀

❤ my new Dyson vacuum cleaner 😀

I have to go and do the dishes now, but I really am feeling good about not being at work.  I am not as angry, or volatile; well I am not feeling that way. and would you believe the week I stopped work, my period just magically stopped as well a few days later.  I am wondering if it wasn’t more stress related than I first thought – Minxee may have called it – I am going to see how it fares. I downloaded an iphone app that tracks your periods, you set it on the first day of your period and your last and then it remembers things about your period , averages out the cycle etc sets reminders…so that will be helpful, if my period goes back to normal it will answer a lot of questions.

Anyway, hugs and kisses!