Feeling pretty good about myself

I logged into my student site today to make sure of some information and i was trolling the discussion boards….let me just say, I am feeling pretty smart at the moment. 

I am in awe at the really stupid questions that have been asked on the discussion board, and I just can’t fathom how these people can even think they will make it through this course.  Given my lack of hope a few weeks ago, I can safely say I am in a much better headspace this week and know I can do this.

I just received my assignment, due in one month, so I spent about an hour starting it yesterday and today I have spent about 30 minutes doing quizzes (need to be done to prepare us for the test in a couple of weeks) and I am doing ok on the quizzes…4/5 mainly and I am not happy about that, but considering I have only just started I don’t think that is horrific.  It is at least showing me how much I need to improve.

Anyway, our first assignment was sent out on Monday, so I printed out the task and have highlighted the relevant sections – ie what I have to have done.  The first line of the assignment says,

“This assignment involved creating a web site, consisting of a main “welcome” page, and a few information pages.”

It also states later, on the second page,

“The HTML code that makes up your submission must be created manually, sites that are built from ready-made site templates….will not be assessed.”

One of the first questions I came accros on the discussion boards, ” Do I need to create it from scratch, a whole website?”.  I would say judging from the first line of the assignment – YES!!!! 

A second question was “Can I do it on any topic I like?”  Which on the first page, second paragraph states, “The suggested topic for this period is “My favourite music band or movie.”  If this is not suitable, you may create a site based on one of your own interests.

Another question was “will i lose points if I use php?”, well considering the documentation is about very basic html – ie website will likely be based on two columns and one row, I would say using php is a little more advanced than what they are actually trying to achieve, so instead of showing off, stick to the actual limitations of the content we have been given in the subject.

I am soooo glad I am NOT attending Uni for this, because  if I had to sit in a lecture theatre with that kind of questions being asked I think I would kill them. This reminds me so much of my old worlkplace with the stupid questions that would get asked there all the time, even after it being said multiple times….GAH!!!!

All this has made me realise I am not stupid.  I am not a genius, but I can certainly hold my own when i set my mind to it, and I have lived in a perpetually dumb environent for the last 10 years, time to break out and live it up.  I am excited to be getting my brain back into function mode.  Here’s hoping I can pull it off!!

One thought on “Feeling pretty good about myself

  1. Have been somewhat computer literate only two years and my friend R did all this to get my blog up July 31. I suppose I am past having to learn how to do that part and in my own primitive way manage to get my posts up there. As I retired classroom teacher I lament the presence of the on line course. The fact that a professor can be anywhere in the world, even on vacation, and interacts with course takers also all over the world seems so disingenuous. I am modern minded the think we should do away with textbooks in favor of the textbook disc and won’t have to listen about “I could not get to my locker”. “Jeffrey has it and he’s absent” or”All these books are too heavy.”

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