In sickness and in health

I just blew my nose and let me say, that was one of the most disgusting experiences I have ever been through in my life 🙂  Stuff just shouldn’t be allowed to be created that way…..I am so grossed out :/

My throat has taken 3 days to calm down, but today I can actually swallow, it is nowhere near as sore as it has been and as above, my nose is now starting to release its anger 😀  So hopefully I should be over this in a couple of days.

I have applied for approx 8 jobs this morning, and will ensure I pick up the Sunday paper for the job section as well.  Fingers crossed I get something….haven’t had an interview for an external job in a long while.  I get heaps of agency interviews but then nothing after that….so fingers crossed now that I am out of actual work this will work in my favour 😀

Once I have my agency interview next week I will send out an email letting them know I am available for temp/contract work as well.  I would rather get into work sooner rather then later 😀

But I am exhausted now, so I am going to go and sleep some more I think…..Wrecked!!



One thought on “In sickness and in health

  1. I hope you find something. My daughter and boyfriend with little kid will re4ally struggle now that his unemployment cut. She’s a waitress. In Florida the unemployment is probably near to 20%. I don’t think Washington understands. Peole cannot put groceries on the table and when your car is reposessed you are helpless. I think McWages with no pension and no health care is the New Normal. American Dream has become a nightmare for too large a segment of the population. I like the metaphor”nose releasing its anger”

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