Emotional release

Started having a sore throat yesterday morning, nothing majro just a niggling little pain, last night on the way home though I developed a fever. Sitting in the car and freezing with a jumper, scarf and blanket over me.  Got home and found my temp at 38.  My throat is killing me, I can barely talk or swallow.

I know from past experience this is my emotional release from work occurring. I knew I would get sick after I left here, I had hoped it woudl wait until I had actually left.

My mind/body are very interconnected – I shoudl have been ready for it sooner, but I can only imagine this is going to get much worse before its get better.

I have a lot invested emotionally in this place – 10 years- is a long time – a lot has happened to me external to work as well in those 10 years…..This week is going to suck, but I am hoping after that I will be in a much better headspace 😀